Running Of The Bulls 7/13/00

I love Youtube, I just randomly found this. This is the official video of the Running of the Bulls that you can buy in Pamplona, Spain. This was my second day running. You can’t see me easily because I am wearing the traditional white clothes with red sash that everyone else is pretty much wearing. You’ll notice that the bulls slip a lot because they wet the streets and then the bulls run into walls and get disoriented and then randomly chase people. Trust me it’s a ton of fun if you don’t get gored!

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  1. I wanna go next year, I heard it’s a big party

  2. That is seriously crazy!

  3. I found you, you’re the one getting trampled in the very beginning. nice work!

  4. Haha right…maybe tomorrow I will post from atop Ayers Rock which you were too afraid to make it to the top of even though those little Japanese girls made it

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