My friend Jake and I stayed in Zanzibar for the last four days of our East Africa trip last September. We stayed in Nungwi Beach on the northern tip of the island which is supposed to be the fun area with the biggest full moon party of the year before the Ramadan holiday, which is […]

Death in Maputo

We arrived in Maputo, Mozambique with no expectations. We decided to visit Mozambique on a whim because Mike and I were in nearby Nelspruit, South Africa after a four-day safari in Kruger Park. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice (for an African city) Maputo seemed to be. The former Portuguese city is located on […]

Asleep in Lesotho

Driving in Africa is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to run into. Whether its drunk drivers, crazy minibuses or animals hogging the street, you are always in for something memorable. This was the case for Mike and I as we drove through the lovely country of Lesotho. The unusual part […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro to me is a very special place and having successfully summitted the highest peak in Africa makes it even more special. I have written several articles about Kili and each time time I read them or anyone elses blogs, stories, pictures, etc. it evokes a sense of pride and brings back great and […]

Iguassu Falls