Taipei 101

Taiwan has been the easiest or most commonly visited place that I hadn’t been for a long time now. That fact always annoyed me so it was only a matter of time before I visited the island. Many people visit as a stopover en route to somewhere else but it had never worked out for […]

Lost in Translation

The past week or so has been pretty hectic for me, with a lot of planes, places, booking stuff, researching, touring around and very little sleep. After Sri Lanka, I headed to the Maldives for a few days to chill and because I had to get a plane from there; since it was booked before […]

World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of those funny places when you see a list of countries. It has a funny name, a funny but cool flag, and it is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t really register with you on your to do list of visiting countries. I was just there for my third […]

Kickin it in Karachi

I’ll be honest, flying into Karachi, I was expecting very little. To be honest, I was thinking the city would be hell on Earth and that I can’t wait to be done with Karachi and get back to Dubai to just relax. Karachi, Pakistan marked a 4 day stretch where I was in Iraq, Afghanistan […]

On Par in Kabul

I just spent a day in Kabul, Afghanistan. That is really cool and weird to say. After months of contemplation, planning, executing and jumping through hoops-the day finally arrived. I left Dubai early this morning on Safi Airways at 3:30am and arrived 2 hours later at the world’s most notorious city in the shadow of […]

Thanks Indonesia!

Over the past three days, I have seen my viewership jump ridiculously drastically because of a huge number of Indonesian visitors. Apparently an article was published about me or mentioning me with a link to my site in Indonesia. My inbox and facebook requests have been inundated and I am currently in Paris so I […]

My Trip to North Korea

I just went to North Korea. Yup, I did. It still sounds weird to say it as North Korea or as they like to call it, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), has redefined the term rogue. Their isolationist stance toward most of the world, their controversial nuclear weapons program, missile testing that has […]

Four Days in Tibet

“Go to Tibet and see many places, as much as you can; then tell the world” ~His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tibet is a land that has inspired wonder and existed with an aura of mystery for centuries. It has piqued the imagination of many Westerners as little was known about this remote Shangri La […]

Beijing to Lhasa By Train

Inaugurated in 2006, one of the worlds great train journeys, the Beijing to Lhasa train opened with much fanfare and eagerness. This engineering marvel through the Tibetan Plateau topping out at an altitude of 5072 meters took decades with the difficult conditions at such high altitudes and cold temperatures. However, against the wishes of many […]

Mongolian Barbecue

If you were to mix up dramatic landscapes of empty deserts, rolling green hills that look like putting greens running up a mountain, snow capped peaks and sparkling lakes-you would have the start of a place like Mongolia. Throw in a few felt yurts of the nomad people, Buddhist temples, ruins, great wildlife, warm hospitality […]