Australian Tourism Fizzling

I was reading an article about how tourism numbers have really dropped dramatically for Australia since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Apparently, the novelty has kind of worn off so to speak plus the Aussie Dollar is nearly on par with the US Dollar now. So it is no longer a cheap place to go as […]

Living in Australia

I get a lot of emails from readers asking me questions and sometimes those emails inspire what I write the next day. It is difficult coming up with things to write about everyday when I am not travelling so I always do appreciate the emails. Last night I was asked where I would want to […]

2008 Australian Open

It’s that time of year again for my favorite major tennis tournament and the first of 2008, the Australian Open. There are a lot of great story lines coming into the grand slam of Asia and the Pacific. Can the great Roger Federer win his third straight Aussie Open and fourth in five years and […]


Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia. It lies 335 km southwest of the nearest “large” town, Alice Springs (Quite a place-interesting and totally backwards); 450 km by road. Uluru is one of Australia’s most recognizable natural icons. The world-renowned […]

Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia is the most isolated major city on Earth. It is located at the far western end of the country and is the capital of the Australian State of Western Australia. Most people who visit Australia fail to go to Perth because it is so out of the way, in fact Most Aussies have […]

The 12 Apostles

The Great Ocean Road (known as the Surfcoast Highway between Geelong and Torquay) which stretches along the South Eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Geelong and Warrnambool is one of the worlds great scenic coastline drives.

Fraser Island

Jake and I spent a few months down under in Australia. We started our whirlwind tour in Sydney like most backpackers do on their way north to the east coast party scene. After a week of drunken debauchery on Bondi Beach, we headed up to Byron Bay for a more laid-back week of drunken debauchery […]

The Great Ocean Road

Victoria, Australia is awesome. Melbourne rocks and Aussie Rules Football is everywhere but the Great Ocean Road is the top attraction. What a cool way to spend a day cruising down the scenic coastal drive. The 12 apostles (above) are the famous, picture perfect rock formations emerging vertically from the ocean. They are really cool […]