My Thoughts on the South Pacific

After seven weeks on the road and at sea, I am finally back home in New York and enjoying the conveniences that come with being back in the States. Although the heat and humidity in New York City make me think I may be back in the Pacific sometimes! Seven weeks, 17 countries and 30ish […]

Wallis and Futuna

‘Wallis and Futuna. Where? Wallis and Futuna. Never heard of it.’ This is a pretty good characterization of some of the conversations that I have had about Wallis and Futuna recently as nobody has ever heard of it. I must say, there’s no real reason to have heard of it unless you are fascinated by […]

Fiji and Vanuatu

The South Pacific is a wonderful place filled with beautiful islands and friendly people although getting around can be tough. For me, the best place is Fiji. The name Fiji alone sounds tropical and almost made up. The islands are beautiful and the country is easy to manage. Some might say it is too touristy […]

The Most Boring Country on Earth

I cannot believe that Tuvalu is a real United Nations member country. Technically, they have the same voting power as Germany or another large nation and that blows me away. It is technically the second smallest population wise country (less Vatican City) in the world behind nearby Nauru but with Tuvalu being split up over […]


The Solomon Islands don’t get a ton of tourists and quite frankly, there isn’t much to do. However, I guess that’s part of the charm as I’ve been quite content here the past few days just relaxing and taking in the culture and people on Guadalcanal Island, which is the home of the capital Honiara, […]

The Tokelau Expedition

I’m not sure where to begin here as the last five days have been exceptionally trying from a traveler perspective and a lot has happened; but in fact very little has happened. Let me try to clarify what that means and talk about my disorganized, botched, delayed, misled, trying, grueling, shocking and ultimately exhausting and […]

It Takes Two To Tonga

Tonga is one of those places you’ve always heard about because it has a cool name and sounds really exotic. It seems so far (and it is) and you know they have some big Polynesian looking dudes that play Rugby and some even play in the NFL. You know it’s near Samoa and some of […]

Aloha From Oahu

I first went to Hawaii in March 2004 for ten days or so and I really didn’t have that great a time. I spent my time on Oahu, Maui and Kauai and wasn’t too upset to leave the islands and head back home. Six years later was a much different story. I had a blast […]

Return To Midway Island

On June 4, 1942 one of the most famous battles in the history of war and the most famous Naval battle of all time was fought on and around a small atoll in the South Pacific called Midway Island. This battle was supposed to be a sneak attack by the Japanese on the unsuspecting Americans. […]

Paradise Under Palau

Palau is pretty much everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a little paradise that’s far from everywhere but unlike anywhere. It has the best underwater marine life and coral I have ever seen. The varieties of fish are varied and abundant while the coral sparkles and exudes incredible color combinations in the hot afternoon sun. […]