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I leave tonight for a trip that will take me through London to the Middle East and several new countries including; Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, all 7 Emirates of the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Djibouti, Ethiopia and if I can pull it off maybe Eritrea and the free zone of Kish Island, Iran. My schedule […]

Trinidad and Tobago

I found out Friday night at around 9:30pm that there was an air traffic controller strike set to begin at midnight last night, when my flight was scheduled for 4am. Needless to say, I was fairly nonplussed about the situation and had to scramble to check out of my hotel and get to the airport […]

My Adventure to French Guiana

There is no rest for the weary when traveling so I got up this morning again at 3:30am and had my dutch only speaking driver bring me to the border with French Guiana to get the 8am ferry crossing over to Saint-Laurent du Maroni. That didn’t happen exactly how I planned it as the road […]

One of Those Days

Today was a day that every traveler has had at some point. It starts out innocently and ends up being the day from hell. I made two rookie mistakes that I normally don’t make and it cost me most of my day but a good story I guess did come out of it. It all […]


I arrived early this morning on Boxing Day in steamy Guyana. My friend Johnny who I met a few years ago in the Philippines is a Canadian Guyanese (I think that’s how it would be said) and he picked me up from the airport and gave me the quick royal tour of the capital of […]

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nothing tells me that I am on the Emerald Isle quite like having Guinness for breakfast. Granted I’m in Northern Ireland but it’s still as good as it is in Dublin. Even if you don’t like Guinness, you almost have to drink it here-it’s so good. Belfast itself is a really cool city thusfar an […]

Last Stop in Athens, Greece

As we left Cyprus and headed to the ancient city of Athens, the realization that the trip was ending had ensued with the usual mixed emotions of being excited and happy to see people back home but sad to be done with a fun time. I was making my second trip to Athens and was […]

Cyprus and Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is one of those places that you picture seeing in a Bourne or Bond movie as a place where someone goes to launder money or run some shady import/export thing. In truth it may be but the divided island of Cyprus has a lot to offer and a lot to do.

Rhodes, Greece

Once home to the Original 7 Wonder Colossus that bares its name, Rhodes is now a major tourist destination. The biggest island in the Dodecanese Islands, just off the coast of Turkey, Rhodes is a popular package tourist place for Germans, Italians and of course, Brits. Although all we seem to see is Germans by […]

4 Days in Corfu, Greece

Corfu, a Greek Island in the Ionian Chain is the kind of place you go to once and never return to. It is way to fun to go back to because you may never leave. Corfu is home to the legendary Pink Palace hostel, the crown jewel of the famous European hostels and certainly the […]