Rhodes, Greece

Once home to the Original 7 Wonder Colossus that bares its name, Rhodes is now a major tourist destination. The biggest island in the Dodecanese Islands, just off the coast of Turkey, Rhodes is a popular package tourist place for Germans, Italians and of course, Brits. Although all we seem to see is Germans by the thousands.

We are staying in the gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage City of Old Town Rhodes at a great little place called Cava D’Oro which is walking distance to all of the sites and the heart of Old Town. The beach is a 15 minute walk and is not so great.

The water is nice of course but the beach like most Greek islands is all rocks and very tough to walk on. Additionally, the whole beach is littered with Germans doing what German tourists do. The old men wearing little speedos and the old ladies wearing bikinis, but not usually both pieces, and that just shouldn’t be seen by human eyes, especially while they are chain smoking.

So I hope that paints a rosy picture of the beach scene, but nonetheless, with no other options we braved this and relaxed and caught some rays. I am just happy to be feeling great today and was happy to sit in the sun all day.

We tried to rent mopeds today as I love to do on islands but for some reason they wouldn’t let us because we didn’t have a motorcycle license. I have rented bikes on plenty of places and have never had any trouble. Arguing however, was futile with these people so we just cut our losses and stayed on the beach.

I am looking forward to grabbing a nice big Greek dinner tonight and celebrating feeling better again and then we fly out to Cyprus in the morning which I am really looking forward to. I am now finally caught up in this blog and will talk to you from Cyprus.

Can’t wait for Roddick/Federer in the quarters of the US Open as well.

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  1. Funny description but so true. German tourists are the worst, they are rude and have no concept of others around them.

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