My Frommers Radio Appearance

I recently taped two segments on the Frommers radio show. Everyone knows Frommers the guidebooks and of course from the movie ‘Euro Trip’ but Arthur and Pauline Frommer also host a travel radio show and invited me to be on. It was a true pleasure to do the Frommers radio show and to meet Arthur Frommer; who is a travel industry legend. It was a real thrill for me that at the end of the second segment, Arthur told me he thought I would be famous. Coming from him that was really fantastic.

I had recently met Pauline at the Washington DC Travel and Adventure Show and we had kept in touch. They are both really nice people and a pleasure to talk travel with. I hope to do it again soon! Enjoy!
Lee Abbamonte, Frommers, Arthur Frommer, Pauline Frommer, Frommers Radio

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  1. Great listen. You’re so confident, always nice to hear you.

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