My Appearance on Veria Living TV

Veria Living, Veria, Lee Abbamonte, TV, travel
This is the first of my two segments on Veria Living; a new network available on multiple different national cable platforms and online. It was a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again. I loved having a studio audience. This was actually the first time I’ve been in front of a studio audience since the very first time I appeared on TV in 2006 on ESPN’s Stump the Schwab-which was a sports trivia game show! Click this link that’ll take you to the Veria Living website to watch the segment.
Veria Living, Veria, Lee Abbamonte, TV, travel, studio audience
Veria Living generally does a lot of food, lifestyle and beauty type segments. Hopefully I will be doing more travel segments with them out of their really cool studios in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Very handsome guy! Great job!

  2. Great set and seems like a fun show.

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