FOX Business Segment on Airfare Prices and Airline Satisfaction

Here’s my latest FOX Business Segment on airfare prices and airline satisfaction. I talk with Gerri Willis on The Willis Report about how the average airfare this summer is down a whopping $2.01. If that sounds ridiculous to you given the drop in oil prices over 30% since last year then you’re not alone. I slam into the airlines for not passing more of these savings onto passengers who have been loyal for years and endured rising prices year after year.

We also discuss the latest US Airline Customer Satisfaction survey that named Spirit Airlines the worst airline in America. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I would name it the worst airline in the developed world and I would rather walk than fly them.
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Personally, I’d rank Southwest as the best US airline although I rarely fly them and have some issues with them. However, I value their lack of fees. JetBlue was named #1 on the list but they are about to add bag fees and add seats in the cabins so you’ll have less room. I have also always had poor experiences with JetBlue and avoid them if possible. The bottom line and I am not afraid to admit it, I dislike all US carriers in general.

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  1. You said it perfectly, it’s embarrassing how poorly the airlines treat their customers. For years they raised prices complaining about the prices of oil and now when it’s at an all time low they don’t deceease the fares. That’s BS! There’s no loyalty!

    • Ken, I’ve been screaming that from the rooftops for years. Loyalty only goes one way with airlines and to be honest, your loyalty really doesn’t get much these days unless you’re top top tier…and even then it’s iffy!

  2. You definitely have the best job in the world!

  3. I have pretty much moved all my domestic flying to Southwest now that AA/USAir have merged. They are always friendly, efficient and flexible. I love the frequent flyer program because it is so flexible and there are no penalties to change or cancel flights.

    I am also sick of hearing the Big 3 Airlines CEO’s complain that the Middle East airlines have an unfair advantage. They all got their mergers which should never have been allowed to happen and now they focus on how little they can give their customers. Provide better service and people will stop complaining.

  4. Have you tried FLYR? ( FLYR is a flight search tool that uses predictive analytics to find the best airfare. Enter in your typical flight search and FLYR shows you the lowest available fares as well as the probabilities of fares increasing or selling out – or if better deals will become available. It makes a “Buy” or “Wait” recommendation depending on the odds, which makes decisions easier.

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