Huff Post Live Segment on Competitive Travel

Here is a Huff Post Live segment on competitive traveling that I just did live in the Huffington Post studios in New York. It was a really fun panel discussion about competitive travel. The panel consisted of myself along with Charles Veley and Bill Altaffer, who have both also traveled to every country in the world plus Fred Finn, who’s a really interesting and certainly well traveled guy as well from Britain.

Competitive travel is a really interesting thing and while I don’t like to compete with others so to speak in travel, with the Internet nowadays and a very small community of ultra well-traveled people, it does get competitive at least in the minds of the media. As someone in it, I don’t compete with my contemporaries on a personal basis but it is certainly interesting to get together and talk about this stuff in a round table setting. Everyone has an opinion.
Lee Abbamonte, Nancy Redd, Huff Post Live, Huffington Post
Big thanks to Huff Post Live and their staff for hosting this competitive travel panel and letting us talk for over 30 minutes. We could’ve gone on for hours!

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  1. I think all people who count countries will find this fascinating. The British guy wasn’t the nicest guy was he?

  2. You’re really funny and did great! Good interview and I love the one guy is in a car, another eating breakfast and the Brit was such a snob. You guys were all entertaining though-great segment.

  3. Great segment Lee, very cool to listen to you guys talk about this topic.

  4. That was a great segment. Really fascinating. I don’t think Fred sounds like a snob, though. That’s just the way we Brits talk. We’re nice really! ­čÖé

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