Mid-Career Gap Year Segment on FOX

More and more adults are taking time off to travel the world. People are planning ahead, saving money and quitting their jobs to take their trips of a lifetime. For years, gap years were acceptable only for kids just out of high school or college but now the mid-career gap year is much more common.
New York News
I wouldn’t necessarily call what I did a mid-career gap year but I did quit my Wall Street job to travel more and to get an MBA. I then took my website and travels and turned it into a viable business as a multimedia travel personality.
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This segment looks at a couple in Florida who did a similar thing with their small child and now work full-time making videos for a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in Florida. I was happy to take part as always and hope this can help inspire others to follow there dreams and desires and go for it!

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  1. Great job as always Lee!

  2. Nice walk shot…how does that work? They just say walk to the camera without looking at it?

  3. Bold move by that family; good for them!

  4. good job buddy

  5. Great job as always Lee!

  6. Great job as always Lee!

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  8. organizasyon says

    Thanks you.. Great job as always Lee!

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