My Latest Fox News Segment Talking Airfares and the Dollar

Yesterday afternoon I appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX News once again. Neil was out and my buddy Charles Payne sat in. For my latest Fox News segment we spoke about airlines, airfares allegedly being down slightly and the strong US Dollar and why Americans should consider going abroad to places like Europe, Canada and Australia where the dollar gets you more than it has in years.

As you know, I am a very vocal critic of the US airlines, their poor customer service and how badly they compare to foreign airlines. The prices don’t match the level of service from everything to flight attendants to lounges to the quality of the business class products. Additionally, the mergers and acquisitions in the airline industry have and will continue to hurt consumers with higher prices and less competition.
Lee Abbamonte, Fox News, Cavuto
It drives me mad that airlines are saving over 30% on fuel costs and have posted record profits hand over fist the last few quarters and consumers are seeing little benefit in terms of cheaper fares. Airline are trying to spin in that fares are down 5% but those numbers are really negligible in terms dollar amounts. Not to mention the billions (literally) airlines are making with checked bag fees and rebooking fees which are outrageous.
Lee Abbamonte, Fox News, Cavuto

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  1. great job buddy, one of your better segments.

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