NBC Phoenix Travel Tips Segment

Check out this NBC Phoenix travel tips segment I did live yesterday at their studios in Phoenix, Arizona. I did the segment with my friend and morning anchor, Fay Fredricks, who I did my first live television interview with back in 2009. So it’s always a pleasure to be back where much of my television career started 6 years ago. Not to be confused with my TV debut back in 2006 on ESPN’s Stump the Schwab!

Lee Abbamonte, Fay Fredricks, NBC Phoenix
We talk travel insurance, airline sating charts and the merger between American Airlines and US Airways; which hits the Phoenix area in particular because of the hub at Sky Harbor Airport.
Lee Abbamonte, NBC Phoenix

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  1. Great job as always Lee…I get such a kick out of seeing you on TV.

  2. It’s amazing how calm and confident you always appear on TV. I’d be sh*ttng my pants on TV!

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