My TV Segment on Liberty Treehouse

Lee Abbamonte, Liberty Treehouse, The Blaze, Raj Nair, TV
Here is my 3rd of 4 segments I did for the Liberty Treehouse on The Blaze. This segment came out really good and is about travel manners. If you’ve traveled around the world then manners no doubt have come up on your journeys. They are always different and often entertaining. I try to capture a few here on Liberty Treehouse with a sense of humor but in an educational and informative kind of way.

I hope you enjoy the segment and look for more segments from Liberty Treehouse coming up in the near future on my site. If you have any funny or gross travel menders that you have dealt with, feel free to comment them as they are always a good thing to discuss or even laugh about!

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  1. I didn’t know most of those manners and great job as always lee

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