New Seven Wonders Voting Update

According to this article posted by Reuters, the Acropolis and Chichen Itza are the two leading vote getters thus far. I am shocked that this is the case. It also mentions the rest of the top ten in no particular order so they don’t skew the voters. I cannot believe that Chichen Itza is one of the top 2 vote getters. In my opinion, Chichen Itza is not even as amazing as Tikal which isn’t even in the final 20 wonders candidates. I believe this to be a lack of information by a lot of voters or some type of vote stuffing if you will.

Additionally, the Eiffel Tower is in the top 10 as well. Although it is very cool, it is not a wonder of the world. It is a large steel structure built for a worlds fair in the last century. There is no realy mystery to it. Ditto for Christ the Redeemer, which I love, but it’s not a wonder of the world. Chichen Itza is well preserved but not nearly as cool as Tikal. The difference I believe is that not many people go to Guatemala to see Tikal and everyone goes to Cancun which is near Chichen Itza.

I have just read on the new seven wonders site the following:
After careful consideration, the New7Wonders Foundation designates the Pyramids of Giza—the only remaining of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World—as an Honorary New7Wonders Candidate.
Therefore, you cannot vote for the Pyramids of Giza as part of the New7Wonders campaign.
This decision has also taken into account the views of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. The Pyramids are a shared world culture and heritage site and deserve their special status as the only Honorary Candidate of the New7Wonders of the World campaign.
The 7 New Wonders of the World will now be chosen by the people across the globe from the 20 active New7Wonders candidates.

I understand why they did this to preserve the reputation of, in my opinion, the greatest existing testament to human achievement of all time.

I am also disappointed that Angkor Wat is not on the list. I believe that is also a case of not enough tourists getting to see it because of its Cambodian location. I think it would be unfortunate if Angkor Wat was left off a list this vast and far reaching. This vote will be the largest vote ever taken when all is said and done. I hope they get it right.

Lastly this leads me to add another wonder to my list of what I think should be elected. Since apparently the Pyramids are no longer eligible, my list is as follows:

Taj Mahal
Easter Island Moai
Machu Picchu
Angkor Wat

and my new one will be the Colosseum in Rome.

It is a borderline wonder in my opinion. It is awesome and amazing but its current location in hectic modern day Rome lowers its stock in my opinion. Nonetheless, it is a great site and if they have taken the Pyramids off the list, the Colosseum will be my filler. I truly believe that Tikal should be on this list as well and it would have my vote.

To vote, click here.

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  1. stonehenge, eiffel, christ, timbuktu, chichen itza, opera house, taj mahal

  2. Ernesto Escamilla says

    Dear Mr. or Ms. Lee, as a proud Mexican, I hereby kindly ask you to be more accurate with your comments. The fact that YOU think that some things are better than other does not mean you have the right opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don’t think Chichén Itzá is worth to be voted as one of the World’s New Seven Wonders, you might want to take a better look at the Chechén Itzá history. I do respect your opinion as you should respect the fact that voters consider Chichén Itzá a n7w, I wonder if you are American, have you ever questioned why is the statue of Liberty a Candidate? And why isn’t it a favorite one?.

    Thank you for your time reading this reply.

    Ernesto Escamilla.

  3. Hi Ernesto, I was never implying that I thought the Statue of Liberty should be a wonder and in fact I believe its a joke that it’s nominated. I was not insulting Chichen Itza. It is a beautiful place but I don’t believe it to be more worthy than a lot of nominees it’s in front of. I know the history and I stick by my statements and I certainly agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion-thats why I have this forum and I thank you for your post. Please check back.

  4. Hey everyone…!! I totally agree with this article. I’m a guatemalan citizen and I’m really indignated that Chichen Itza is nominated instead of Tikal. Let’s be honest, YES, Mexico is more popular than Guatemala and is because the mexican people have had a better economy for many time because of tourism that the country has, BUT what many people don’t know or what the mexicans maybe “try to hide (or not to say, that it’s the same)” is that many cities near Guatemala used to be part of GUATEMALA, and in that cities is where a lot of the maya arquitecture is found. Thank God Guatemala’s tourism is increasing quickly, and maybe in some years from now not only Tikal will be recognized as a 7th wonder of the world, many different constructions here in Guatemala will be conmemorated by the humanity, like EL MIRADOR, wich is a new archaeological site recently found that has the largest monumental pyramid ever found in the Maya World and it was one of the most important sites during the Pre Classic Maya period.

    In conclusion, I’m not saying that Mexico doesn’t have beautiful places, but cities that used to be part of Guatemala that were given away or stolen by old govermentes back in time.

    So, when people ask you about Guatemala, let them know that is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with one of the most pretty lakes in the world: Atitlan Lake, with the 2nd most beatiful national anthem int the world, with a jungle (Petén jungle) considerated the second lung of the world (after the Amazonas) and a cultural history like no other, with one of the most brilliant civilizations in all the world history: the mayas, and REMEMBER: the mayas used to be a guatemalan and central american civilization, not a mexican one. In Mexico used to habitate the AZTECAS (not too much famous because its not convinient for the mexicans to make famous a “not too brilliant” civilization).

    This reply maybe it’s no to much about the new 7 wonders in the world, but it’s the only way how we, the guatemalan people, can be listened because all the corrupt goverment that we have.

    And remeber that Guatemala is known around the world as “GUATEMALA: PAÍS DE LA ETERNA PRIMAVERA”
    (the eternal primrose country).

    TIKAL & EL MIRADOR for the 7 new wonders of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Ovando, I happen to really agree with most of what you have said which is why I let it post. I have been twice to Guatemala and really believe that it is a great place and Tikal is worthy of being nominated.

  6. I am Mexican and I believe UXMAL is much more beautiful than Chichen Itza. It is so amazing. The rock-carving is atonishing.

    UXMAL should certainly be a world wonder. Not to mention TEOTIHUACAN it is more impressive than anything I ever saw in EUROPE

  7. I haven’t been to Uxmal but I’ve heard its nice. I love Tulum more than Chichen Itza. I also haven’t been to Teotihuacan but I’ve heard great things about that as well. Thanks for the comment

  8. There are some solid points that I would like to add. Guatemala has yet to be mentioned as a 7th wonder (tikal) because of lack of popularity. Far more people go to cancun, acapulco, and in central america I beleive costa rica has guatemala beat. Also Belize has made a long way also. But in due time tikal WILL gain popularity, but the Guatemala tourist industry has to promote and sink some money into it. Tikal is mysterious as well as beautiful. People who like ruins will have fun there. The core problem is that guatemalans need to be more vocal about the country. Highlight the nice parts tata will attract. I belive in a decade or so the archeologist will have uncovered more artifacts and temples and with the help of the tourism industry that will be a two punch combo. I know of other beautiful areas of angola, dont remember the name but due to popularity, it never gets mentioned also along with Guatemala. Need to find out more of angola.

  9. Great comment Gabriel, I agree with most of what you said. I have yet to visit Angola but have heard its nice. If you have any pics or names of places, send them to me

  10. iam proud ,because iam indian. tajmahal is one of the world new seven wonders list.i will became very happy about it .then taj mahal is one of my favorite place all over the world .tomorrow i will present the topic for regarding world seven wonders . i will take the presentation good.then i have congrtulate all other seven wonders. we will make decision for we should protect our world wonders. keep maintainly

    clean and good.JAI HIND

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