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AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is the stadium equivalent of the 8th wonder of the world. The massive stadium that almost looks like a space ship is the home of the Dallas Cowboys and in it’s brief lifespan has already hosted a Superbowl, NCAA Men’s Final Four, the NBA All-Star Game, the NCAA Football National Championship Game (which I was at) and many other massive sporting events, concerts, award shows amongst other things. That’s pretty impressive. I have now been to AT&T Stadium three times but the AT&T Stadium Tour took me places I had never seen before!
Lee Abbamonte, Johnny Jet, Dallas Cowboys locker room, Fort Worth, Texas, Dallas Cowboys
I went to Fort Worth, Texas a few weekends ago to do a guys weekend with my buddy Johnny Jet and Visit Fort Worth where we did some awesome events like the Duck Commander 500 and other sports activities in and around Fort Worth. Check out this video!

AT&T Stadium is only about 20 minutes from Fort Worth and we went there one morning to do an AT&T Stadium Tour. Originally, we were supposed to be able to go onto the field and throw the football around and kick field goals etc.
ACM awrads set up, AT&T Stadium Tour
However, they were setting up for the 50th Country Music Awards so we were unable to actually get onto the playing field-although we were pretty close! In fact they moved the famous star from the 50 yard line to the garage for photos!
Lee Abbamonte, Dallas Cowboys, star
The AT&T Stadium Tour lasts about 90 minutes and is really all encompassing. You pretty much get to see everything. In fact, to end the tour, you actually get to see the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room. The only problem is sadly they’re not in there at the time!
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room
In between, a very knowledgeable guide takes you around and shows you everything from the press box to different types of luxury suites, including the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones’s suite. That was pretty cool!
The guide also gives you history both of the Cowboys and also the Cotton Bowl, which is now played at AT&T Stadium each year. It used to be played at the actual Cotton Bowl on the Texas State Fairgrounds in Dallas. In fact, I went to see a Texas vs. Oklahoma game there in 2002; which was a hell of an experience!
AT&T Stadium National Championship
Without question, the coolest part of the tour is seeing and being in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. As a sports fan, large or small, you can appreciate how cool that is. I loved seeing the players’ names on their lockers and they were even updated up to the day. I noticed a prominent player who had been released the day before locker was removed.
Locker room, Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo
I had never actually done a stadium tour before, anywhere in the world. I had always just gone to games. I have been fortunate in places like Yankee Stadium to have some connections to see inside the stadium but I had never been on a proper tour so this was a first.
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room
I highly recommend the AT&T Stadium Tour whether you’re a football fan or not because the structure itself is simply marvelous and will leave you in awe. It’s that big and that cool. Remember, everything’s bigger in Texas!

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  1. It would be much better had the cheerleaders been in the locker room!

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