The Duck Commander 500 in Fort Worth, Texas

This past weekend I went to Fort Worth, Texas for a guys weekend trip. This was my third trip to the city of Cowboys and Culture; which has become my favorite city in Texas. The whole weekend was a blast but one of the highlights was the Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. This is a pretty big race on the NASCAR circuit and it was won by Jimmie Johnson-the best driver of this generation. I don’t pretend to be a huge NASCAR fan at all but the experience of going to the Duck Commander 500 was well worth it!
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, No Limits, Texas
Last year, I went to the Indianapolis 500; which was really fun so I was really excited about going to the Duck Commander 500 in Fort Worth. By the way, it’s called the Duck Commander 500 because the people from the show Duck Dynasty sponsor it. In fact, the whole clan was at the race. I have never and will never watch the show but I am well aware of how popular it is in much of America-much like NASCAR.
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, 41 car, NASCAR
To me that’s the best part about going to car races-people watching. If you’re from the northeast like me or basically not from the South or Midwest, then NASCAR is kind of foreign to you and you just don’t get it. But after experiencing the Duck Commander 500, I get the appeal.
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, infield
First, NASCAR and car racing in general is extremely fan friendly. You can literally go on the track seconds before the race, shake hands with drivers, check out the cars and the garages, pits and meet the crews. It’s really quite shocking the access you have to the race itself. I was even able to write my name on the track-you can’t do that at any of the 30 best stadiums in the world!
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500
The infield is packed with concerts and events to entertain people; some of whom have been camping out at the track for a week-seriously people do that! Don’t ask me where they shower because I don’t know but it is definitely a subculture. NASCAR is the second most popular sport in America behind the NFL-again shocking to many non-NASCAR fans but each race gets like 200,000 people attending!
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, lee Abbamonte
Texas Motor Speedway is the second biggest track in America, holding over 200,000 people and it also boasts the world’s largest HD video board and its name is Big Hoss-again seriously!
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, on track
But that’s the fun of going to a NASCAR race. You see things you never see in normal life. People live for NASCAR and the Duck Commander 500 is a huge cash cow. NASCAR just prints money and their teams and drivers make a fortune. Make no mistake-this is a very profitable business.
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, NASCAR drivers
After watching the driver introductions from the track seeing some of the top drivers up close like Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Danica Patrick, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart plus the aforementioned Duck Dynasty people, we headed up to the Visit Fort Worth suite to watch the race.
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500, suite view
The suites at Texas Motor Speedway are pretty nice and the views are spectacular of the whole racetrack. Aside from hanging out with some friends from Visit Fort Worth, I was able to meet the Mayor of Fort Worth herself, Betsy Price. She couldn’t have been a nicer, more down to Earth person and it was a true pleasure to meet her. I told her she should run for mayor of New York City!
Texas Motor Speedway, Betsy Price, Johnny Jet, Duck Commander 500, Mayor of Fort Worth
So after all was said and done and the race was won, I learned that I am not a huge NASCAR fan by any means. However, NASCAR and its legions of loyal fans fascinate me. Not to mention the city of Fort Worth does a great job and the people couldn’t be nicer! So to me, the Duck Commander 500 was a huge success and an experience I won’t soon forget!
Texas Motor Speedway, Duck Commander 500
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  1. look like someone had to much fun!!! I looove duck dynasty… nice post Lee!!

  2. I’ve been to races at Dover, Martinsville and Phoenix. Always a great time and yes the people watching is amazing.

  3. Duck Dynasty is an amazing phenomenon that I cannot possibly grasp.

  4. Thanks for writing about Fort Worth. It’s such a better city than Dallas.

  5. Lee – you failed to mention your Friday afternoon at Rangers Opening Day! I happened to be at both of the places you were at on Friday & Saturday by coincidence. I was in Jamie Adams suite on Friday at opening day (you took a picture with my sister who made you take off your signature NYY hat), and then I was in a suite next to you at the Duck Commander 500. It was curious to see you at both places but now knowing who you are it all makes sense.

    • Hey Kevin! Great to hear from you and I certainly didn’t forget, I will be doing another post on Rangers Opening Day soon. And yes how could a man resist her asking me to change hats! She will be included in the post for sure…thanks for saying hi and letting me know! Such a great few days down in Fort Worth!

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