Do More Country in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Have you ever heard of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin? I had heard of it but didn’t actually realize it until I was asked to participate in the #DoMoreCountry summer travel campaign for the Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Chippewa Fall, WI where I have been compensated but all opinions are my own. I was excited to go on this trip as I have been to all 50 states but this would only be my second time in Wisconsin and first in Chippewa Falls.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites
Chippewa Falls is best known for two things: the Leinenkugel Brewery and as the fictional home of Jack Dawson aka Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the movie ‘Titanic’. Having just spent two days there, I think I have a pretty good idea of what Chippewa Falls is all about!
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, dam
I flew into Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Minnesota; which is about 90 miles away from Chippewa Falls. I did this because there was a direct flight from New York instead of having to connect in Chicago to fly into Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Plus, I wanted to see a Minnesota Twins game en route!
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Minnesota Twins, Target Field
I timed it pretty perfectly I thought as the 1pm game started 30 minutes after I landed! Target Field was the 46th Major League Ballpark I’ve visited now and I only have Comerica Park in Detroit to go for active ballparks! After the game I took I-94 East to Chippewa Falls in about 75 minutes.
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I got settled into the Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Chippewa Falls, WI; which is located on the outskirts of town about 2 miles off the highway. My newly renovated room was really nice, spacious, had a great king bed and ample outlets both at the desk and next to the bed-which is so important! I hate when hotels don’t have enough outlets or they’re poorly placed.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites
It had an indoor pool, hot tub and did I mention there was a Jacuzzi in my living room as well! But the most important thing for me was the in and out convenience and the helpful, quality staff that gave good recommendations about what to see and do around town.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Leinenkugel Brewery
The number one thing to do in Chippewa Falls, by far, is going on a tour at the Leinenkugel Brewery. Leinenkugel is a local brewery that’s been based in Chippewa Falls since the 19th century. They sell their product all over the country but they have the most varieties right in Chippewa Falls. Summer Shandy was my favorite and that one is available nationwide!
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Leinenkugel Brewery, taps, Leinies Lodge
The tour itself was OK. The guide was excellent and funny but she didn’t allow you to take pictures inside the brewery. They also didn’t show you all that much. I have been on many other brewery tours where you had much more access. However, at least you got 5 free samples when the tour was over!
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Leinenkugel Brewery, Leinies Lodge
The tour starts and ends at Leinie’s Lodge. This is where they have a ton of merchandise for sale and the bar for the free samples. It’s a nice place in a great setting and is really the heartbeat of Chippewa Falls.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Irvine Park
For a town of only 13,000 people Chippewa Falls has some real character and seems to really come to life in the summer. There is Irvine Park; which is a pretty big park for such a small population-it even has a zoo and a massive waterslide! Chippewa Falls to me is basically the epitome of midwestern small town USA.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites
That said, the downtown is what you picture Main Street USA to look like in an old industrial town with a lot of charm. It is small, cute, very patriotic with a lot of American flags and little local shops, saloons, and eating establishments. My favorite was Olson’s Ice Cream where if you go after dinner, you’ll have to wait in line-yes I’m a sucker for ice cream, especially from little local spots!
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Olson's Ice Cream
That’s pretty much what you get in Chippewa Falls; a small town, midwestern feel and a very pleasant place to spend a day or two. I also wanted to recommend a restaurant in nearby Eau Claire called Tacos Juanita because it was fantastic authentic Mexican food with great carnitas-I found it via Google and it’s about a ten mile drive from Chippewa Falls. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but it is excellent.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin #DoMoreCountry, Country Inn & Suites, Tacos Juanita, Eau Claire
Chippewa Falls was a nice breather from big city life for me. I won’t be leaving New York City to move there anytime soon but it served as a reminder about life in small town America; where people know each other, you don’t have to lock your doors and life is simple-much like where I grew up in Connecticut. If your summer travel takes you through Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin-you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. My grandmother lived in Eau Claire forever and we used to go visit once a year or so. I have done the Leinenkugel tour several times and always liked it but haven’t ever done another brewery tour to compare it to anything. Thanks for posting, this brought back some memories.

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