Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

“Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico” is a famous line that Kenny Chesney sings and it kind of exemplifies going to Mexico for me; although that song might have included tacos as well because all you seemingly do in Mexico is drink beer and eat tacos! Of course you’re on the beach and relaxing-it’s really a pretty awesome place. Last weekend I went to Puerto Peñasco, better known as Rocky Point, with 12 guys from business school and we had a blast.

It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Phoenix or about five from Tucson which includes some awesome desert scenery and some of the best cacti scenery imaginable. We rented a really sweet casa right on the beach in a resort called Las Palmas. Sleeping was tight, well kind of like a refugee camp, but what the hell.
Rocky Point is a sleepy fishing village in theory but has been way overdeveloped into a spring break spot for Arizona State and University of Arizona and we happened to be there right in the middle of it so it was pretty wild as you’d imagine. I fully admit I am too old to be at spring break type things but it was still fun nonetheless and everybody had a great time. We hopped around between Baja Cantina which is the prime night time spot and Manny’s on the beach and ended each night at Pink Cadillac.
In between it was time on the OK beach at Reef and eating as many tacos as possible from taco stands around the town. I seriously think I ate like 35 tacos in two days because they are that good and that cheap. If you’ve never eaten from a taco stand in Mexico, you’re missing out and it should be a high priority! I simply don’t understand why they can’t replicate this type of thing in the US, it would be such a gold mine.
A cool that happened to me personally was Saturday night when we were at Baja Cantina, some guy comes up to and asks if I was just on the news and if I was the guy that travels everywhere. I was kind of surprised but excitedly said yes and shook his hand. He got all excited and grabbed his buddy and said “this is the guy I was telling you about!” This caught me off guard a bit but was very flattering and fun for me to be recognized for the news segment I did last week. That happened to me a couple of times in New York a few years ago when I was on ESPN’s “Stump the Schwab” a few times as well and it is always cool!
Anyway, Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco is a very cool place in the Sonoran Desert to chill out for a few days, well maybe chill out isn’t the right term, but it’s a fun place to be and hang out with some friends. As we are almost all graduating in April, it was pretty much our going away party trip. We didn’t do it but they have some awesome dunes for ATV’s and dirtbikes, etc. If I ever go back, I will definitely do that but if you’re in Arizona and feel like dipping into Mexico, check out Rocky Point. You’ll feel like you’re in Mexico and not want to leave. However, just be careful to not drink too many tecate’s or tequila or you could end up like this poor unfortunate soul below passed out on the beach!

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  1. Great pics. Looks like it would have been perfect for some Seadoo action there, as well. But you’ll have plenty of time this summer to do things like that in the South Pacific. Good times.

  2. I wish I was there man!

  3. I went to Rocky Point 5 years ago with my frat brothers and we rocked it. It was fun reading your report bc it brought back some good memories for me. Baja Cantina will never get old!

  4. Mexicoruss says

    Way cool report thanks for the info. I have lived here for many years and never want to go to the states but I have to once in a while

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