Regina: The City That Rhymes With Fun

Canada is fantastic. I am fortunate to have four different trips to Canada this summer and fall, for over a month in total. I started walking the seawall in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Then I took the Rocky Mountaineer train across the Canadian Rockies to experience 5 awesome things to do in Jasper. Then I experienced the beauty of Banff National Park and the human triumph story and Stampede in Calgary, Alberta. This all led me Saskatchewan and to Regina: the city that rhymes with fun.
Regina, Saskatchewan, downtown
Regina, of course pronounced Ruh-Jine-Uhh, is a great little city. It really is. It kind of caught me off guard and originally I was supposed to spend only two nights there but ended up spending three because I found out there was a KISS concert in Regina; so I changed my schedule. I mean, Regina is the city that rhymes with fun after all!
Regina, Saskatchewan, KISS ticket
I stayed in the Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan; which is the best hotel in town and right in the center of the small downtown area. It was very convenient for getting around town and you could really walk anywhere you needed to go. I did have a rental car though; which you need to see the outer parts of the city. Regina is actually quite spread out. There is a lot of land in Saskatchewan.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Radisson
Just looking around Regina, it’s quite a mix. There are some really modern buildings in the downtown area that look cool above the trees of the parks. This is quite a contrast from the small suburban neighborhoods that are just down the street from downtown.
Regina, Saskatchewan, downtown
There is also the area of the capital building that is quite beautiful. The capital building looks like many capital buildings but is nicely offset by a lake and park surrounding it. It is also a great place to run, bike and just walk around.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Capital Building
Another really cool thing I did in Regina was visiting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Heritage Centre. The RCMP or Mounties are famous throughout the world. However, I never really knew anything about them or what they do.
Regina, Saskatchewan, RCMP Heritage Centre
The heritage centre shows a really cool video and has great exhibits and a timeline to see where the RCMP came from and how they’ve influenced Canadian history throughout the years. It’s a must see in Regina.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Brandt Centre
As I mentioned before, I saw the KISS concert at the Brandt Center in town but that isn’t the only big concert or stadium venue. Regina is also home to Saskatchewan Roughriders who play in Mosaic Stadium and are one of the most revered Canadian Football League (CFL) teams. Mosaic Stadium is also playing host a Paul McCartney concert this summer as well.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Mosaic Stadium
Regina may be the city that rhymes with fun but it also has some really good restaurants. My favorites were La Bodega and the Bushwakker Brewpub. These two along with some other fun places in town have a real culinary presence in Regina.
Regina, Saskatchewan, La Bodega, restaurant
You won’t find Michelin Star restaurants in Regina but there are good local places with plays on everyone’s favorite dishes. There is even a Starbucks in Regina, albeit way out of town by the highway entrance.
Regina, Saskatchewan, La Bodega, restaurant
So that’s the story of my 3-day stay in Regina: the city that rhymes with fun. It’s not the world’s greatest city but it certainly is a cool little place to spend a few days and is easy to occupy your time. But if I haven’t convinced you-just watch this YouTube tourism video. It is pretty much the greatest video and song of all time!!!

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  1. Oh, Man! That video IS the best! Looks like Saskatoon has some major competition ahead!!! Ha!

  2. Amazing title and video…really the song is grammy worthy!

  3. Nearly pissed myself watching that video…who wrote that? Was that officially sanctioned by the tourism board of Regina?!

    • Haha that’s a great question…a friend of mine shared it with me while I was in Regina and I couldn’t stop laughing but if nothing else it makes you remember Regina so it does its job!

  4. Still jealous of the Kiss show

  5. Elizabeth says

    I always thought it was pronounced Ra-Jean-Uh like the name…apparently I was incorrect!

  6. The correct pronunciation is reh-gee-nah.

    Unfortunately it’s been mispronounced so long, its impossible to change, so we’re stuck with the fun rhyming version.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit and stayed at the best hotel in the province.

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