Sex and the City “Hotspots” Tour

I am the first to admit that I have never really watched ‘Sex and the City’ and am hardly a fan at all. However, I do happen to live in Manhattan’s West Village where a lot of the shows scenes took place or at least where they were filmed. For months now, I have walked through the West Village and noticed these ‘Sex and the City’ tours walking through the tree lined streets. The tours are impossible to miss because they are made up of dozens and I mean dozens of women. These women are generally dressed up as if they are going out for a night on the town in the middle of the day in their high heeled stilettos and trendy dresses. However, with the shows success and the recent release of the movie these tours have become increasingly popular. Shocking to me, but a brilliant idea nonetheless.

As I was having lunch yesterday, I saw at least two of these tours walk past me and both must have been 50 or 60 women deep. So it prompted me to check out the website to get the scoop. For $40 you too can have a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery-where Miranda stuffed cupcakes into her mouth-sounds delicious huh. You can shop at the “Pleasure Chest”-where Charlotte bought her rabbit-no comment about that. You will stop at a bar for a cosmo where they once drank at in the show-seriously, the same bar! There are also several other thrilling moments that you can re-live.

If I sound sarcastic, it’s because I am just amazed and shocked at what people will spend their money on and give 3.5 hours of their lives to. For example, there is a stoop on Perry Street where Sarah Jessica Parkers character allegedly lived. I have seen hordes of people waiting and waiting and waiting to simply take a picture on that same stoop. I mean really, come on people-that’s a little nutty…it’s just a few stairs in front of a random townhouse that nobody lives in.

Anyway, if you too want to visit the church where Samantha meets “The Friar” or see the furniture store where Aidan designs his tables and chairs then for $40 you can behold all that is the ‘Sex and the City’ hotspots tour. But please leave the stilettos at home.

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  1. hahaha its like all the Brits passing through Melbourne going on the Neighbours tour…

  2. Lee, I also live in the village and deal with those stupid tours all the time. I hate them passionately! Thanks for making me laugh as you share my pain.

  3. Haha, Good point except without the missing tuba or whatever it was. I hate neighbors! How is that such a popular show.

  4. Thats just ridiculous, although the Pleasure Chest does sound interesting…

  5. I’m more shocked that you wrote about Sex and the City. haha. but i agree, i live down there too and its pretty annoying, more so because I live a block south of where Sarah Jessica Parker is.
    People also continually snap photos of the Friends building in the village.

  6. This is a late response, but if i didn’t live here, i’d prob pay for that too. I did after all do the jack the ripper tour in london (jack the ripoff).
    I think it’s a good way for tourists to see the city other than times square, the empire state building and statue of liberty.
    …and magnolia’s bakery is great.

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