Where is This Old Town Square?

Where is this old town square and colorful restaurant? Comment your guess and I will post the correct answer later in the day. It is the old city or Ciudad Vieja of Havana, Cuba. Good job to those who guessed right. It is obviously off the tourist map for many Americans but a great destination that will hopefully open soon.

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  1. Looks mediterranean…I’ll go with Corfu Greece

  2. Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic

  3. I agree that it looks Med but I have no idea where. Sardinia?

  4. Spain

  5. I think it looks Latin…Panama City, Panama

  6. There are all white tourists it seems which screams Europe and the Med. It doesn’t look familiar to me but maybe somewhere like Mallorca.

  7. Havana, Cuba

  8. Lima

  9. Cartagena.

  10. Looks like Recife in Brazil

  11. Cartagena, Colombia

  12. Ciudad Vieja de La Habana, Cuba

  13. Curtis Walton says

    Perhaps Bogota or Medellin…it looks like something from Colombia but I haven’t been in years.

  14. I have traveled quite a bit but I do not recognize this building. I do enjoy this game though, cheers.

  15. Havana CUBA

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