Nokia Media Event Last Night

Last night I participated in a great media event for the new Nokia N95 phone at the top of Rockefeller Center which overlooks all of Manhattan. It was a first class event featuring media from all over. I did an on camera interview with Dow Jones and met with several print magazine editors including Budget Travel and Mens Journal. It was really exciting.

The event featured multiple plasma TV’s around a big room continuously playing the video that me and my counterpart, Caleb Smith, filmed on Monday in “The Race to the Rock”. I will put up the video on my site as soon as I receive a copy of it. We were then introduced to the assembled guests and subsequently addressed the audience about our experience with the phone and certainly travel adventures. Again it was a blast.

The funniest thing to me was that they had a large corkboard picture of me with the phone superimposed on the picture which was taken outside the New York Public Library. It was the type of huge picture that you’d see in a museum photography exhibit. Obviously, I kept the picture as a souvenir as I don’t see that everyday.

Last night was a big thrill for me and a lot of fun. I hope to work with many of the contacts I made last night and certainly it was a cool experience. I wanted to again thank Ketchum and Nokia for asking me to particpate and I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I will be in transit most of the day to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a friends birthday party. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Your own personal Fathead, thats pretty sweet.

  2. I prefer how the Brits say Wallbangers instead of Fatheads

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