The Sad State of American Politics

Sitting on my couch last night flicking around the TV, I couldn’t help but stop on CNN to watch Hillary Clinton’s speech last night after Barack Obama clinched the nomination. I follow politics very closely, both abroad and at home, and in full disclosure-I actually attended a Hillary fundraiser last year in New York. For the record, it wasn’t because I really support her but moreso because I wanted to see what political fundraisers were like. Lets put it this way, I will never be attending another one and last night I was reminded why.

Politics, by definition is fake and watching the candidates yap and the people in the audiences at these staged political rallies makes me sick. Where else do large groups of generally educated and intelligent people act like imbeciles? For instance, I don’t understand what causes the audience to randomly belt out chants such as “Yes She Will” and boo and cheer rabidly for seemingly no reason. It’s not like the candidate is saying anything you haven’t heard before. Or for the candidate simply saying the obvious. Honestly, Hillary talks of healthcare for everyone and the crowd goes nuts-it’s a great idea and one that seems so simple but we all know nothing is ever done to actually achieve it.

My favorite ridiculous supporter moment of last night was that they showed a woman in the audience with a “Run Hillary Run” t-shirt on. So when Hillary says something that gets the crowd into a fake frenzy, this woman start running in place with overly dramatic strides and arm pumps. I am sitting there staring thinking to myself-are you serious?! What could possibly make someone act that way? I almost feel bad for her because she was continually shown on TV.

Additionally, Hillary spent most of her speech last night thanking and praising her supporters and especially Barack Obama. I don’t really understand how you go from 16 months of talking down about Obama and now all of a sudden-you love him and praise him and now we have to turn and unite the democratic party. I am glad I am not in politics because I could never be that fake. It’s really astounding.

I also love how they parade out Bill and Chelsea in the opening of the speech with huge smiles on their faces shaking everyone’s hands and looking like it’s New years Eve. I mean really, what are they smiling about-Hillary just lost and they look ridiculous standing up there acting like they didn’t. I know Bill is a pro at lying and being fake but Chelsea looks so silly and I hate how Hillary parades her around and uses her for the campaign. As much as I dislike Bush, at least he never used his children for his own political gain.

The state of American politics is poor. As we turn our attention to the upcoming general election, we are faced with many issues and problems in America and certainly with the candidates. It’ll be interesting to see certain things such as who will be the Vice Presidential nominees, whether the American people (especially the red states) elect John McCain, who would be the oldest first time President in history who sounds so fake when he speaks or the young Senator with very little experience but at least seems to really want to get things accomplished-but don’t they all.

I really hate to be cynical, but after these past 8 years of Bush and the Lewinsky scndal before that and the embarassment our country has gone through, I just hope that the American people get it right this year. In truth, I don’t know which guy that is but I just hope whomever gets elected fixes not only the disaster of this stupid war in Iraq and the economy but after the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal and the Bush disaster, the integrity of the office of the American President-I think thats really what people want-someone that we can actually trust and believe is doing the right thing.

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  1. Great post today. I hate politics but rather than blanket say that, you list good and funny points. I’ve never understood how these people act likes trained zombies in the audience. As you said, usually intelligent, educated people…propaganda lives still in America.

  2. jennifer says

    I hate politics, I am just tired of being embarrassed about my President and my country’s international policy

  3. Great article, I am so glad Hillary is out but I don’t even know where to go from here-like usual it becomes a battle of who won’t be as bad…thats no way to elect a President of the United States

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