Champions League Update

Yesterday, the first four teams advanced to the Champions League quarterfinals with Arsenal, Barcelona, Manchester United and as I predicted before the group stage-Fenerbahce all advancing on aggregate scores and in fact penalty kicks for Fenerbahce. The games yesterday were riveting and there are three more this afternoon with the final second leg between Liverpool and Inter Milan being played next week. The matches to be played later today are all tight and anything can happen. Spanish giants Real Madrid and 2004 champs Porto are looking to overcome a one goal deficit while Chelsea is tied with Olympiacos and looking for a goal at Stamford Bridge. Hopefully they won’t get it but we shall see!

My favorite team, Arsenal, showed why they are the top team in the Premiership yesterday by thoroughly outplaying holders and aging AC Milan. They ended up only winning 2-0 with two late goals but in truth it could’ve been a lot worse as they had numerous opportunities before Spaniard Cesc Fabregas finally scored a brilliant goal from 30 meters away. Emmanuel Adebayor added a late clincher as Arsenal advanced to the quarters and can now focus their attention for the meantime back on keeping their one point lead in the Premiership over Manchester United.

2006 champs Barcelona looked good in beating Celtic but it certainly won’t get any easier for the inconsistent Catalans. They need to get more consistent play from their bevy of big stars including Ronaldinho, Messi and Eto’o. Manchester United also look in top form as they ousted French champs Lyon at Old Trafford.

I love the Champions League and will be keeping a keen eye on todays games and all of the games all the way to the final in Moscow in May. There is a strong possibility that four English teams will be in the final 8 which is always interesting as the Brits will be up in arms and going nuts for their beloved squads. There has been an English team in the final the last three years with only Liverpool winning in 2005. Hopefully, Arsenal can finish what they barely missed in 2006 but either way, it should be interesting and when the English teams start playing each other-all hell will break loose with their insane supporters!

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  1. Arsenal has no chance of winning wither the Premiership or the CL…they have no scoring ability

  2. Liverpool will win number 6

  3. Red Devils says

    ManU will wreck Arsenal just like they did in the FA Cup

  4. The English need something to cheer about as we all know how horrendous their national team is….

  5. While it is shameful that we won’t be in Euro 2008, we have just hired a decorated International coach who has won at every level and should bring England back from the dead. This summer will be difficult to watch though. The American National team is awful by the way as I assume you are an American-and th American public couldn’t even name 2 players on the team.

  6. At least England won the 1966 World Cup-You can keep bringing that up for the next 40 years as well bc there won’t be a second anytime soon

  7. Daryl, please don’t defend England-they are a complete embarrassment

  8. I don’t know Daryl, the US team could definitely give that pathetic English national team a run for their money… it’s been great hearing the excuses of why England is so bad over the past years and the excuses only get better. i don’t think any coach can help their cause….

  9. I am Brazilian and have lived in London most of my life. The British football supporters here are all delusional and live in a dreamland. Their team is a disaster because they have no direction and no real player leadership. Most of their best players all play the same position and cannot play together.

    The real problem with the British is that they think they have the best domestic league with the Premiership-which arguably with La Liga are the two best. However, most of the players who play in England aren’t from England. Look at Arsenal for instance-they have 1 ENglishman who actually plays at all. So they beat themselves up saying that they should won more international competitions when they simply so not have the players or the talent. the coach has nothing to do with it. Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard simply aren’t that good-they are just hyped up by the UK media.

  10. Well said mate….

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