A Stupid Weekend in Sports

There has been so much ridiculousness is sports in the past few days that I cannot help but address the situation. First and foremost, the best player on my favorite NFL football team, Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants, accidentally shot himself in the leg while out at a club in New York City. Yes, I said he accidentally shot himself in the leg. As the details are very sketchy and he is thankfully OK, I can plainly say this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of as far as stupid athlete moves go-seriously, what an idiot. Questions such as why would he have a gun in a club, why did he take the safety off and what is the matter with him in general come to mind. As details unfold, he may end up in jail for carrying a concealed weapon and certainly not getting paid off on his $35 million contract. One word-WOW! But wait there’s more…

The BCS has shown its ugly face again and is wreaking havoc across the civilized, sane and logical world. For those of you in other parts of the world, the BCS is a ridiculous system that ranks US college football teams and is based mainly on computer generated rankings which are largely unfair and tend to ignore logic and common sense.

For instance, after the games this weekend; Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech all had identical records and each one had beaten one of the other teams. As a result of a complete beatdown to Oklahoma-Texas Tech was de facto eliminated from contention for the #2 BCS slot which would ensure a trip to the Big 12 Championship game and most likely a trip to the BCS Championship game in Miami. Now, as confusing as that sounds, Texas and Oklahoma are left to battle for that coveted spot and each wins this weekend. However, after everything is done Oklahoma is ranked ahead of Texas by the computer polls even though Texas beat Oklahoma head to head earlier this season.

Generally as I understand it-if one team beats another that means they are better and if there is any doubt a head to head victory is a no brainer to break a deadlock. However, the brilliant people who control college football have once again for the zillionth time allowed a team that shouldn’t be in a position to win a National Championship, be there. This is a travesty and completely unfair. Now I truthfully don’t care that much as I don’t have a strong rooting interest but I hate to see this come down to politicking and the computers. It’s not fair and has once again duped football fans and deprived us of the true best teams playing.

Each and every year something like this happens and each year there are a million excuses and tweakings of the system afterwards. However, this is inexcusable and the college Presidents should be ashamed of themselves for being so greedy. I can only hope the Oklahoma loses next Saturday in the Big 12 Championship to really cause chaos to the BCS when a possibility of Texas, who isn’t even eligible to win their conference could be playing for a title or somehow USC could leapfrog them, and what about undefeated Utah or Boise State!!!-it’s insane and disheartening and I am tired of it.

This is the type of crap that has made boxing irrelevant. I don’t think that will ever happen because everyone loves college football but just let it be won on the field-is it that hard?! I can’t even write any more about this because I am getting angry as I am writing as it’s just so ridiculous. Hopefully Obama will follow through on what he said on Monday Night Football the night before the election and use his influence to help fix this flawed system…you know, after he fixes the economy, the wars, terrorism and everything else, haha!

And finally, Arsenal thankfully beat Chelsea this weekend and Manchester United a few weeks ago. Now if they could just stop losing to teams like Stoke, Hull and assorted other pretenders maybe they will have a shot to stay in Champions League contention and who knows what else in the Premiership.

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  1. The BCS is a travesty unlike any other. For those of us who bleed burnt orange this is a sad day and my love for the game is ruined.

  2. Plax is a retard and his Giants days are done I think-whether he recovers or not for this season.

  3. He is a moron and deserves jail and to be cut

  4. The Giants should drop Plax, they dont need him and have been winning without him. He is the fade threat in the endzone but aside from that, he is someone who can be replaced. SEE YA!!

  5. i’d also love to know why a guy 6 foot 5 and 230 lbs and worth 35mil needs weapon, especially when he has another guy with him who is 6 foot plus and prob almost 250. Can’t they just hire someone to stand next to him with a gun, probably a lot of guys would do it for free just to get the girls plax turns away.

  6. dont be too harsh on plax you gotte remember where he came from. i dont think the giants need plax but he certaintly helps. i think they can use plax for sure. mikes comment is hiliarious how some guy would do it for free, and he is probably right but i think plax should hire a professional. carrying a fire arm is okay with me, just dont drink while you are handling it.

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