Federer and Brady

What a pleasure it is to watch these two guys playing at the top of their respective games. Roger Federer, the worlds number one tennis player capped off his fourth consecutive season as the top ranked played in the world by winning his fourth Masters Cup final in five years Sunday in Shanghai, and he did so overwhelmingly by crushing his opponents. Meanwhile, Quarterback Tom Brady led the undefeated and unparalleled New England Patriots to a 10-0 record and to 56 points on 5 touchdown passes last night in their victory in American footballs NFL. These two athletes are shaping up to be the best to ever play their respective sports and it is just fun to watch. Much like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and dare I say Barry Bonds; Federer and Brady have no equals in their sports.

Federer is the simply the most dominating athlete in the world right now. He dominates tennis, the ultimate individual sport, unlike anyone ever before him. This coming year he will undoubtably break Pete Sampras’ record of 14 grand slam titles and pretty much assure himself of being widely considered the greatest of all time which most people already feel he is anyway-including me. His run the last four to five years is unheard of and really difficult to fathom. I could run stats forever on the guy but perhaps the most telling stat is that he has made the finals of the past 10 grand slams-winning 8 and the semis in the last 14 and has won outright 12 of the past 18 including 5 straight Wimbledon and 4 straight US Open titles. Nobody has ever even come close to any of those numbers-ever.

Tom Brady came from nowhere to lead the Patriots to 3 Superbowl championships in 4 years and has been named MVP in two of those games. He is on his way this year to the league MVP and perhaps a perfect season for his Patriots team. He is also having one of the best statistical seasons of all time and will surely shatter the all time touchdown record for one season. His poise and calm in the pocket is legendary and his leadership makes his awesome team work. He has cemented himself this year as the top quarterback in the NFL, even ahead of the great Peyton Manning and has etched his name in the upper echelon of all time greats with Montana, Elway, Bradshaw and Marino. If he is to win a fourth Superbowl title this year which is very likely, he will be considered one of the 2 or 3 greatest players ever to play his position and with him being only 30 or so, he has time to continue and I believe when all is said and done, he will be considered the greatest of all time.

As we move forward, with the NFL taking center stage the rest of this year and the years first major, the Australian Open, around the corner in January when the NFL playoffs are in full gear we will watch greatness at the same time and I believe that both Federer and Brady will be champions of their sports again. I will certainly be enjoying the show.

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  1. I like Tom Brady because he is dating Gisele but I’ve never seen an NFL match

  2. Interesting point about Brady because if he does win 4 then he is right there with Montana for superbowls and his stats will eventually really compile and with this signature season he is having-he can really compete with the great stats of Elway and Marino.

  3. I would still take Peyton Manning over Brady

  4. It seems trite that you simply say you’ll take Manning over Brady although I realize you are talking about two all time greats but Brady has proved his worth this year as the clear best of this generation of QB’s.

  5. Federer is the best of all time now and will be by far the best ever when he is retired

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