Fifa Final 3 Announced

For once, I think Fifa got it right. Today they announced the final three nominees for the 2007 World Player of the Year and they couldn’t have been more accurate with their choices. The three remaining contenders for this year’s FIFA World Player title are Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United and Portugal), Kaka (AC Milan and Brazil) and Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina).

While Kaka is the clear favorite to win his first player of the year award as he will win the European player of the year award this weekend, Ronaldo is the clear second choice. After leading Manchester United to their first English Premier Title in four years and playing beautifully along the way, he also amassed a nice goal total and his passing is just phenomenal. I think his chances got hurt in last years Champions League semifinals when his Manchester United squad was outplayed by Kaka’s Milan side who went on to hoist the trophy. Kaka also led the Champions League in goals last year and Milan overcame point deductions to finish in the top four in Serie A thanks to the Brazilian playmaker.
The only real drama about the 3 man short list was going to be who would the third player be. Lionel Messi was an excellent choice and seems to finally be receiving the recognition that he deserves. Many times, he is lost in Barcelonas star studded lineup featuring two time winner Ronaldhino, two time runner up Thierry Henry and podium finalist Eto’o plus Deco, Zambrotta, Puyol and the list goes on and on. Messi however, really came into his own last year with both Barcelona and Argentina and truly deserved to be the third finalist. I think he may have to wait until next year to possibly win but he is certainly off to a fast start this year and may be back on the podium next year. The only other player that I thought could’ve been in the final three was Didier Drogba of Chelsea and the Ivory Coast. However, I think that Chelsea’s poor domestic and European showings from last year hurt his chances although he was brilliant and led the EPL in goals.
In the end, I believe Kaka will win the award and deservedly so joining the likes of past Brazilian winners: Romario, 3 time winner Ronaldo, Rivaldo and and 2 timer Ronaldinho. He plays with aggression, unselfishness and class and is a good person to boot. We will see what happens on December 17th at the Fifa World Player of the Year Gala in Zurich, Switzerland.

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  1. No contest, Kaka wins hands down-I hate Man United and Ronaldo

  2. Messi will win it next year unless Raul leads Real Madrid through in Europe

  3. Kaka will win and Ronaldo will be runner up, Messi may win the next 4 or 5 in a row as he is only 20

  4. Kaka did win the Balloon D’or this weekend and will carry that on to World Player of the year

  5. C.Ronaldo will win this one …..

  6. As much as I dislike Ronaldo, I agree that he will win-the only other guy with a chance in my view is Torres but the Champions League and Premiership titles will cinch it for Ronaldo, although this year is not starting out so good fpr him or ManU…I don’t even know who the third guy on the podium will be, perhaps Drogba, Adebayor or Ibrahimovic

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