The 2007 World Series

This years World Series will be a tough one for me for a few reasons. First, the Red Sox are in the World Series. Second, for the first time since 1998, I will be out of town for the Series and will have to watch the games starting at 1:30am in the UK. I had to do this once before in 1998 when I was living in London and staying up until 5 or 6 am is not the most fun thing in the world when you are jetlagged already. However, one must persevere and root hard against Boston.

On the east coast of the United States, the Colorado Rockies are almost an afterthought in this series. It’s as if they really never won 21 of 22 or that they are even worthy of being in the series at all. Boston and the media seem to be so confident that Boston will crush in this series that it makes me sick. Therefore, I am picking the Rockies to win the World Series and shutting up these rabid Boston supporters.

True I am biased as a Yankees fan but objectively (sort of) I really believe that Colorado can pull this out. They have defied the odds for so long that I figure what the heck-why not? On paper, Boston crushes them in most areas of the field except for Shortstop with a few other toss ups. Even the Rockies best player, left fielder Matt Holliday doesn’t win the match up race because I would take Manny Ramirez anyday.

What the Rockies do have is no pressure, amazing intangibles and a lot of confidence. They are confident because when they faced Josh Beckett earlier this year, the crushed him and beat the Sox in the series back in June. They are confident because they overcame all the odds to even make the playoffs. They had their backs against the wall for a month and didn’t panic. They led the NL in batting and fielding and have won 7 straight playoff games. Even in a watered down National league-thats pretty amazing.

So again, for sake of having a rooting interest against a team I despise I am choosing Colorado, obviously. All the pressure is on Boston. Sure they’ve handled it in the past, lets see what happens.

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  1. Colorado has no chance

  2. Colorado deserves some respect for what they’ve accomplished…they will make it a series. I think game 1 is the key for them.

  3. Jacoby is my hero says

    Boston will sweep, no contest

  4. Boston has been the best team in baseball all year and they will win

  5. Doesn’t look too good after game 1, haha

  6. Rocks defintely got spanked in game 1 but I think they can still come back.

  7. Nice call on the Rockies

  8. Boston was the best team, A-rod is the worst and I am so glad he’s not a Yankee anymore. I hope nobody pays him near what he wants and he ends up on some bad team and never plays in the World Series.

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