What’s Going On?

In a span of about 18 hours we have learned that the Dallas Cowboys have released wide receiver Terrell Owens and that Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez will be out for 10 weeks. These are two of the more embattled stars of their respective sports and those of you who read my site regularly know that I hate both of them. However, I find it strange that it came down virtually on the same day. I also find it strange that the Dallas Cowboys would have paid Owens his signing bonus of like $12 million last year if they were just going to release him this year and the reason given was because he was a devisive forvce in the locker room. No shit! Jerry Jones didn’t know that before they signed him. The guy has more baggage than Samsonite.

A-Rod is just a mess. After leaving the Yankees the other day in search of a reprieve from all the steroid talk with the Dominican Republic baseball team, he is now having a random surgery on his hip that will keep him out 10 weeks or so. Something is just fishy about that and I wonder what else is going on. Is he just pulling a Barry Bonds circa 2005 when his injury that was nagging for years mysteriously got much worse when the steroid talk was at its highest causing him to miss most of the season and not be tested. I think maybe it is and A-Rod is doing the same thing. He just wants to escape the spotlight for a few months and let everything settle down. This way if the Yankees struggle to start the season without him and he comes back in May-completely clean from Roids and does well then he looks like a hero.

I don’t like this one bit and perhaps it’s my New York cynical side coming out of me but as a big sports fan, I am actually happy that both of these things occurred. The problem is that Owens will sign with some other team who will put up with his childish and selfish antics-hopefully not the Giants who need a big play wide receiver to replace another child in Plaxico Burress. A-Rod will come back and time heals the wounds and people will give him less lip about steroids and assuming he produces as he normally does, all will eventually be forgiven. Yankees fans want to win so bad and to be honest how old is all the steroid talk? I just want it to go away but A-Rod brought it back to the forefront and now he is trying to escape it. Let’s see what happens but all I know is today there are two big stars with mega issues on the shelf and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

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