New 7 Wonders Profile-Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is quite simply my favorite place on Earth that I have been so far. It has everything to offer a visitor including perhaps the most interesting and exciting of what I think should be the new seven wonders of the world. The world famous Moai of Easter Island are both mysterious and amazing to see in person. You cannot help but feel bedazzled by the site of the Moai. You can’t help also feeling like you are caught in a time warp. Easter Island is in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, 3000 miles from anywhere resembling solid land and you will never want to go back once you have experienced this wonderous island.

The Moai aside for a second, the island offers amazing seafood, stunning beaches, nonstop sunshine and perfect weather. It also offers the only place I have ever seen where wild horses roam freely around the island along with various other livestock. The beach of Anakena at the northern tip of the island is my favorite beach I have ever been to as well. It is stunning and what really caps it off is having the Moai watching over the beach as you can see here below.
The moai themselves are breathtaking and you just can’t figure out how they got there. Nobody knows exactly but what we do know is that they were carved out of a quarry that still exists on the island today and is extremely cool to see. There are several Moai dotting the landscape of the quarry in random places and you can see the largest Moai carved but still stuck in the mountain bedrock because they weren’t able to lift it when they originally carved it.
The most famous site on the island is where they fixed up the Moai so there are 15 reconstructed statues lined up. It is tremendous to see and the amazing thing is that you are so isolated that you can see one of the greatest wonders on Earth all alone. There are so few tourists that you don’t have to wait in line like most places and you certainly don’t have to fight through crowds or pay admission. It is an incredible place and that you can really take in and enjoy freely.
Very few places on Earth inspire wonder like the Moai of Easter Island. The fact that the island itself is an amazing place as well is just gravy on top. It is difficult and expensive to get to Easter Island but if you are fortunate enough to be able to visit the island you will not be disappointed and I guarantee you that you would agree with me that it should no doubt, be a new seven wonder of the world.

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Easter Island. This article has made me want to go even more. I am very jealous but I love what you are doing. Good luck with your goal.

  2. Definitely the most impressive site I have been on my many many travels. So glad I had the opportunity to go there!

  3. I’m going to Easter Island in October. Was great reading your post. Inspired me to make sure I catch the Moa at Sunset. Great post!

  4. Brooke Berendsen says

    I’ll be exploring Easter Island in April. So fascinated by the mystical island in the middle of the ocean. Can’t wait to check this off my bucket list. Thank for the great article. Very informative.

  5. Just curious. Do you think it would be cheaper to book a trip directly through an American or Canadian airline (I live near the CA border), or to book a flight to Chile and then book separate with a Chilean airline to get to the island? Or do you not think it would make much of a difference? Thanks!

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