Podcast With The Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

Yesterday I had the true pleasure to meet an American hero and record a podcast with the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden.  Robert (Rob) O’Neill, was the man who pulled the trigger on the famous raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan and killed the piece of shit scumbag who masterminded the 9/11 attacks that killed […]

The Global Travel Conspiracy Podcast

I recently did the second ever Global Travel Conspiracy Podcast with my buddy Gary Arndt. It is a new podcast with a guy who does a lot of podcasts including This Week in Travel for the past several years. I’ve been guest on that a few times as well. In the Global Travel Conspiracy Podcast […]

Travel Tales Podcast

I recently did the travel tales podcast with stand-up comedian and podcast host Mike Siegel in Hollywood, California. It was a really fun and different podcast than the typical travel podcast I do. I really enjoyed it and while it does go for over an hour, it’s a fun listen.

This Week in Travel Live From Vegas

Live from Vegas Baby! – This Week in Travel #170

Travel Podcast

Last week I recorded a travel podcast with Travis Sherry, who runs a site called Extra Pack of Peanuts. I’ve a bunch of travel podcasts in the past but I really enjoyed doing this one. I liked the way Travis asked the questions and I like how informal it was. Give it a listen as […]

This Week in Travel Podcast

I just recorded the This Week in Travel podcast for the first time. The podcast has been going on for four years and is generally hosted by a few friends of mine: Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen, and Jen Leo. I had a great time and here is both an audio and video player if you’d […]