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Last week I recorded a travel podcast with Travis Sherry, who runs a site called Extra Pack of Peanuts. I’ve a bunch of travel podcasts in the past but I really enjoyed doing this one. I liked the way Travis asked the questions and I like how informal it was.
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Give it a listen as I talk about traveling, give some advice, rant a bit and talk about a variety of things!

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  1. Just booked a flight to Malaysia for this November (Qatar 4-day global promotion). Have no idea how long I’ll be staying in the country – I only picked it because there are no visa requirements, haven’t been there yet and I can fly anywhere else to SEA or maybe AUS via Air Asia…

    Anyway, what’s the name of the place you were talking about Lee, one you would rather be at than Penang? Caowy something? Still researching what’s worth visiting there for me…

    Cool episode, I liked how Travis was also into conversation rather than just asking questions.

    • Langkawi…such a beautiful island!

    • Thanks Matej, it was super fun for me. I love when we can just sit down and talk good travel, and Lee is an expert at that!

      If you ever have suggestions for cool future guests, be sure to let me know!

      And while Lee and I both riffed on Penang a bit, it really is worth going there just for the food. Top 5 place I’ve even been for good eats!

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