Top 5-Beaches in Asia

1. White Beach on Boracay, Philippines which may be my favorite anywhere in the world. Also, the picture in the upper right hand corner of my site is White Beach at sunset. A truly amazing place to be and an awesome beach.

2. Kuta Beach on Bali, Indonesia (not much else needs to be said, the place is legendary)
3. Dili Beach in Dili, East Timor (seriously exotic and very underrated)
4. Haad Rin Nok on Ko Phangan, Thailand (I took pictures with a throw away camera in 2004 and never scanned them-sorry)
Tie 5. There are honestly so many amazing beaches in Asia I can’t possibly pick

Which ones do you guys like?

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  1. Pick anywhere in Vietnam. Awe inspiring is an understatement. I do agree with Bali and Boracay and haven’t been to the other two.

  2. Sulawesi has amazing beaches

  3. Ko Samui or any other Thai island!

  4. I am not sure how you can include a beach from Dili and neglect beaches from Vietnam? They are world class and much fun. I haven’t been to Dili but that picture isn’t the most appealing.

  5. Hi Erika, thanks for thw comment and the email with pics. I agree that Dili isn’t exactly postcard perfect and there are far more beautiful beaches in Asia. However, from an exotic point of view, there are few less touristed or forgotten places and I just wanted to give it some due. Nobody is going to there as only like 1500 people a year visit but it is nice and just wanted to make people aware.

  6. Gili Islands near Bali are breathtaking.

  7. There are so many amazing beaches in the Indonesian Archipelago, its impossible to pick just a few. With 4000 islands, how can you choose!?

  8. I agree with jackie, there is no way to select a few beaches out of 4000 islands with hundreds of world class beaches, some of which have probably never been seen

  9. Ko Tao

  10. Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan is amazing. Beautiful beach, great party, brilliant idea!

  11. BORACAY is the absolute paradise on Earth…
    PS. Is no 3 a joke? It looks like Mars…

  12. Haha, not a joke…probably not really a top 5 beach in terms of looks but it’d be tough to find a more remote and less visited place. You have to mix it up a bit!

  13. You mention that Boracay might be your favorite in the world, can you truly say this now after having spent time in the Seychelles?

  14. Favorites are always evolving as you see more places. I should really keep a running page of different favorites that I update after each trip! Boracay has 2 great beaches, esp White Beach but Anse Lazio on Seychelles has to be the nicest beach I have ever been on…Anse Source D’argent is up there too in Seychelles. There are s many great ones, it’s tough to pick.

  15. Pasir Panjang Beach, Tual (South East West of Maluku)- Indonesia
    The beach has white sand, and one of the smoothest sand in the world.
    try to count it 😀

  16. Teddy, I looked it up and would love to visit sometime…next time I al in the qrea I will try to get there, thanks for the suggestion!

  17. hi Lee ,i think you should try to go to raja ampat in papua and bunaken in sulawesi (both of them are in Indonesia), i think it\’s one of the best places for diving or just snorkeling in Indonesia

    hope you\’ll agree with me Lee 🙂

  18. Panncake man at Koh Tao he sure know how to do some really good pancakes :). Try the Pancake with Nutella and Banana. It’s out of this world.

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