Top 5-Most Unique Countries on Earth

Unique is a matter of opinion but one place that is indisputably the strangest place in the world to visit is North Korea. The Turkmenistan picture is of the mind blowing marble capital city of Ashgabat. I had to sneak the picture of the cathedral in Malabo, EG because photography is illegal. Being in Bhutan […]

Top 5-Cities in Canada

In honor of my trip to the Vancouver Olympics this weekend, here is my top 5 Canadian cities, not including amazing places like Banff and Whistler, etc. I reserve the right to change my mind after this weekend! Also, I will have a full report Monday or Tuesday with pictures from the Olympics. By the […]

Top 5-Cities in South America

1. Cartagena

Top 5-European Cities

1. London

Top 5-Islands

So I think I am going to reinstitute the top 5 lists as I am back in the US for a while, with the exception of Vancouver for the Olympics and possibly a trip or two to Mexico. Here is my first new top 5 as I just came back from several islands. 1. Easter […]

Top 5-Beaches in Asia

1. White Beach on Boracay, Philippines which may be my favorite anywhere in the world. Also, the picture in the upper right hand corner of my site is White Beach at sunset. A truly amazing place to be and an awesome beach.

Top 5-Beaches in Europe

1. Spiaggia dei Conigli on Lampedusa, Italy

Top 5-Beaches in the Americas

1. Playa Anakena on Easter Island, Chile

Top 5-Worst Airlines

1. USAir 2. Alitalia 3. Iberia 4. Air France 5. South African *I am only considering airlines from developed countries because the list of less developed countries bad airlines could go on forever.

Top 5-Best Airlines

1. Singapore 2. Cathay Pacific 3. Emirates 4. Virgin Atlantic 5. Qantas