Top 5-Islands

So I think I am going to reinstitute the top 5 lists as I am back in the US for a while, with the exception of Vancouver for the Olympics and possibly a trip or two to Mexico. Here is my first new top 5 as I just came back from several islands.
1. Easter Island, Chile

2. Seychelles Islands
3. Maldives Islands
4. Reunion Island, France
5. Santorini Island, Greece
Honorable mention: There are so many great islands but a few that deserve mention are Fernando de Noronha; Lakshadweep Islands; Grand Cayman; Ko Phangan; Lampedusa; Zanzibar; Fiji Islands

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  1. I haven’t been to any of the islands you mentioned but I have been to several Caribbean islands. My favorites are Aruba and St. Martin.

  2. I love Aruba too. I also haven’t been to any of the others but I may try to see Cayman soon if it’s the top Caribbean island.

  3. What about Rat Island in the Aleutians!? Just kidding, good choices. I’m surprised you knocked Fernando de Noronha a spot.

  4. Hawaii is still my favorite.

  5. La Reunion is fantastic.

  6. Fernando is amazing and should be on any list but there are so many amazing islands that it slipped. It is still in the top dozen or so for sure.

    Aruba was mentioned twice here and I also got a few emails about Aruba as well. It is gorgeous there and I really do like Aruba as well. However, it’s not going to make my global tops as many others are better. I chose Cayman because I love the main beach there. I think it may be the prettiest beach in the Caribbean.

  7. Puerto Rico and DR are fantastic

  8. I would like to go to all of the ones you’ve mentioned. The best island I have been to is the UK!

  9. Manhattan is a solid island. I agree too many islands to choose, while i love fernando and its in the top 5 I’ve been to I can see why it wouldn’t be overall as it lacks an amazing stretch of beach (more than made up for by the snorkeling, decent beaches, turtles, etc..)
    think you should break this down to best islands for beaches, best islands for sites (easter), best islands for activities, and of course best for partying.

  10. Fair point Miguel…perhaps Cypress will be included…certainly under party islands and perhaps a good place to live??? haha. Fernando had some nice beaches but they were smallish but yes the snorkeling with giant turtles was phenom. I will break it down more I agree at some point soon. Feek free to send me other ideas for top 5’s

  11. I love the Med islands like Mallorca and Ibiza. They are beautiful, fun and friendly. Also, the Greek Isles are wonderful as well and Mykonos is my favorite.

  12. Anguilla

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