Top 5-Beaches in the Americas

1. Playa Anakena on Easter Island, Chile

2. Praia do Sancho on Fernando do Noronha, Brazil
3. Horseshoe Bay Beach on Bermuda
4. Cane Garden Bay Beach on Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Tie 5. Palm Beach on Aruba, Playa El Agua on Margarita Island, Venezuela, South Beach in Miami, Florida and several others I probably just can’t think of right now

Please comment with your favorites!

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  1. PB in San Diego!

  2. Punta del Este is awesome

  3. Coney Island, Brooklyn

  4. Hi Lee, great pictures! I’ve never heard of any of these beaches but they all look beautiful. I am a South Beach girl and think its the best beach I have ever been to. I haven’t traveled that much but I have been around the States a bit and that I’d my favorite!

  5. Copacabana and Ipanema are the classic beaches in the Americas. Urban beaches are my favorite because they really represent the soul of the city and few cities have the soul that Rio does.

  6. For any category of beaches in the Americas, there has to be something from Mexico. I love most of the beaches in Quintana Roo along the Maya Riviera and certainly in Baja. Although anything that looks like a Corona commercial is good in my book!

  7. I love a place called Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. It is great for surfing and it’s isolated from the more touristed beaches nearby but with the same great sand and water. Then again most beaches in CR are pretty unreal.

  8. I know this is a bit of a homer call but Huntington Beach up to Manhattan Beach is stellar. We have the best beaches here in Cali along with the worlds hottest girls who aren’t uptight like those east coast snowbunnies.

  9. Naples,Fl! ..and the girls there are NOT uptight!

  10. Cannon Beach in Oregon is pretty cool for the novelty of having the Haystack Rocks — which of course was featured in The Goonies.

  11. I haven’t traveled much but the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was paradise to me

  12. The Hamptons, hands down!

  13. Anguilla is amazing

  14. Pretty much anywhere in NE or Southern Brazil. I haven’t been to Fernando although it looks incredible but from Natal to Florianopolis is awesome.

  15. The hamptons do not count as the best beach in the Americas! I couldn’t agree more about Cane Garden Bay…Jimmy Buffett can’t be wrong!

  16. siesta key beach

  17. Great response to this topic. I haven’t done a Top 5 in a while and I will try to do them more often especially if I have pics to go along with the places. Many pictures I have of other places are older from before I had a digital camera and I have never taken the time to scan them digitally.

    I have had several emails as well mentioning beaches from all over the Caribbean (the most were from the DR, Aruba, St. Barts and St. Martin), several in Mexico (mainly on the Riviera and Cabo), Central (Costa Rica and Panama) and even South America (mainly Brazil of course, Uruguay and even one for a beach in Peru I’ve never heard of).

    Finally, Florida, Hawaii and California shockingly had the most mentions in the US. I thought of another beach in St. Johns in the USVI that nobosy mentioned that is gorgeous as well and probably should’ve been included in the tie for 5th.

  18. Juquehy, Brasil! And definitely Trunk Bay in St. John.

  19. Rodger H says

    Hard to beat Florida Panhandle beaches . But …..have lived in Savannah , Ga. For a year and Tybee is definitely a very cool , unique beach . The working mans beach .

  20. Rodger H says

    Also Cadaques , Spain is a jewel on the Mediterranean .

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