Top 5-Worst Airlines

1. USAir
2. Alitalia
3. Iberia
4. Air France
5. South African
*I am only considering airlines from developed countries because the list of less developed countries bad airlines could go on forever.

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  1. American Airlines is awful, all of the US Carriers are awful

  2. There are so many awful airlines out there and I agree American ones are the pits. However, Air Canada is brutal too and so is Mexicana and Aeromexico to complete the North AMerican triumvirate

  3. haha, I have flown mexicana several times recently and I agree they are terrible and they are somehow joining OneWorld this year-allegedly. They were supposed to join Jan 1 this year but couldn’t get their act togethner apparently. Oh well, I’m almost out of Mexico and hopefully won’t be flying them anymore. I’ve only flown AeroMexico once and it was years ago so I don’t really recall it being awful. Air Canada I agree sucks.

    With regards to Peter’s comment on AA, I agree it has a lot to be desired but I fly them all the time so I am just used to their stuff but it could be much better and yes all American carriers are bad, almost all Asian airlines and certain Europeans are very good.

  4. Lee, let’s hit Haiti soon. We can blaze in for 2 days then overland on a 2.5 hour bus to SDQ for the last day.We have both been in DR but traversing the island of Hispanola is a notch in the travel resume. Maybe when you finish up in PRG.Let me know.

  5. I just think you people are cheap..that ‘s it
    I flew Air Canada first class and hospitality
    and personnaly think it’s one of th best..

  6. This post is probably a bit out of date. What about airlines such as Koryo (North Korea) it has a one star rating..!

  7. Teddy Ballgame says

    Lee, South African Airways tops my list as worst, BY FAR.
    I could make a documentary on them. I have some great fresh material…

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