Top 5-European Cities

1. London

2. Barcelona
3. Paris
4. Berlin
5. Stockholm

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  1. Sounds like you’re only talking about Western Europe and Scandinavia. If that’s the case then I have to add Rome and Madrid and take away London and Paris from your list.

  2. Amsterdam, Munich

  3. Moscow is the most exciting city I have ever been and I would love to revisit.

  4. Stockholm is an interesting choice as it is a wonderful city. But I normally wouldn’t place it that high leaving cities like Amsterdam and Budapest off the list. However, I cannot really disagree with your choices. I am glad you are doing the top 5’s again.

  5. I would change Stockholm for Amsterdam and Berlin for Madrid. Otherwise I like the order.

  6. I’d say Amsterdam is easily top 5. Plenty to do, manageable on foot, friendly English-speaking population, not to mention close access out to Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg and Germany and one of the best airports on the continent. Obviously Prague deserves mention to — that is if you visit it out of season, otherwise the only people you see is tourists and crowds, all of which suck in their own way.

    Ever head out to L.A. last week Lee?

  7. I do agree that Amsterdam is an awesome city and is certainly deserving of the top 5 list. I debated and chose Stockholm for the simple fact that Stockholm is such a great city and people generally forget about it as its in Scandinavia. It is also possibly one of the most goergeous cities in Europe alon g with Venice, St.Petersburg and Amsterdam plus Paris. However, I stick by my top 5 list but a top 5 list is one persons opinion and each persons will be different based on their own experiences etc.

    I did go to LA and it was awesome and went very well. I don’t want to write anything else so as not to jinx anything but I will be back soon. Thanks for asking though.

  8. I agree with Prague and would add Rome and Krakow. I would replace London, Berlin and Stockholm (although I\’ve never been there). Paris and Barcelona are amazing.

  9. Rome, Florence, Munich, Salzburg and Seville

  10. From an overall perspective though I would replace Stockholm too, its a great place but when you take into account the costs of spending time there I may go with Krakow or somewhere east where your dollar goes a lot longer.

    Best is too easy perhaps an 5 worst or most over rated cities in Europe would be more fun and make more people angry. I’ll start w/Tirana (not overrated just sucks), Liverpool (same), Naples (Da Michele is the only thing that saves it), Bratislava(not a city)/Vienna, and Milan.

  11. Well put Morroni…Tirana and Albania in general are easily the worst city and country to visit in Europe…well Chisinau is up there as well or Bucharest. If you really want to get specific the Pristina is pretty brutal to visit as well albeit interesting for sure. Bratislava gets a bad rap from everyone but I didn’t think it was that bad to be honest. Again, it’s the experience you have that makes your opinion in general.

    However, if that was always the case then I would hate Paris because the first time I was there with you, I got food poisoning and I hated it passionately…luckily I went back!

  12. Lee, have you ever counted how many times you’ve been to Europe so far? I’m at 7 ‘actual’ visits, which isn’t that much, but each trip ranged from 9 days to three weeks, so it’s a bit of time on the ground. Probably 5 months total.

  13. Sure, I pretty much count everything more or less. I have been to Europe over 50-60 times easily. I have flown JFK-LHR 32 times alone on American Airlines between work, fun and soccer games. Plus several times on Virgin or BA. I have also flown JFK-CDG at least 10 times as I love Paris. I have also done 5 big backpacking trips around different areas of Europe ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months including last Summer.

    Often times I stop in Europe for a few days to visit friends on round the world trips etc too or stay a few days on connections to Africa or India etc.

  14. Wow, you mean 32 times each way or roundtrip total for JFK-LHR?

    You ever count Pacific crossings? Seems like last year you did it a few times — back to NYC from PNG; JFK-PEK (for Mongolia/Tibet/North Korea), and then back to AZ.

  15. 32 round trips on AA from JFK to LHR…this is over 10 years or so. If I think about it longer I can probably remember each time I crossed the Pacific but I’d guess it has been 12 times or so. Including Australia visits and Asian…plus I have a Hawaii in there too. I have been in that region a bunch the past 2 years or so and will be in the South Pacific again soon I think as I am lacking there. When I do Asia, I generally do a round the world ticket as I hit regions and then go through Europe usually but it always depends.

  16. That’s pretty cool. 50+ times in Europe is quite an achievement for 31 years old.

    When you book ATW tickets, do you use a certain site or go through the an alliance you plan to use to map it out…or buy an open-jaw roundtrip ticket and then buy individual segments?

    I noticed a couple years back you flew JFK-NAR, and then back IST-JFK, which is easy enough to book, but in the midst of that you went to Indonesia, E. Timor, China, the Stans’ and Iran, etc. Did you have most of those flights booked and paid for beforehand, or just a couple segments?

  17. Thanks buddy, I never really thought about it much as an achievement but thanks. You certainly do your research and yes I did do that flight shell as my outer flights and used miles if I recall correctly. The NAR flight was a one day stopover and continued to Bali. I had booked Beijing to Almaty on that trip as well but that was it along with the tour guides in Turkmenistan and Iran as you must have them. All other flights I got on the ground as I usually like to do bc of the flexibility.

    I book all ways-whatever is cheapest and easiest but like to use alliances bc it makes my life easier and you get miles. I am currently looking into one on star..well I should say I will be looking into it soon as soon as I figure out exactly where I want to go and what my schedule looks like.

  18. Stockholm is very lovely, I must say since I’m from Sweden! And London, got to love London!! (That’s were I live at the moment)

  19. Cool list! However, apart from Stockholm, I think this list is a little predictable. London is only nice if you are in the “right” neighborhoods and Paris is crowded with tourists and has lost its genuinity.

    But Stockholm and Sweden is indeed is soo beautiful – it’s impeccable, really! I’ve been there only once but for a two-week period, and although insanely expensive, Sweden deserves it. Especially during the summer. Also the fact that Swedes are perhaps the most intellectual and fashionable people in the world makes it all the better. But I did feel a bit stupid when they spoke better english than I did, didn’t you?

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