Top 5-Cities in Canada

In honor of my trip to the Vancouver Olympics this weekend, here is my top 5 Canadian cities, not including amazing places like Banff and Whistler, etc. I reserve the right to change my mind after this weekend! Also, I will have a full report Monday or Tuesday with pictures from the Olympics. By the way, if my top choice of Calgary surprises you as it does most people when I tell them, it’s because I’ve spent a ton of time there and really love the city. Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see some hockey!
1. Calgary

2. Montreal
3. Vancouver
4. Toronto
5. Halifax

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  1. You ever drive the Icefields Parkway from Calgary to Japser and Banff? I heard it’s totally amazing. I was actually talking about doing that drive over the long 4th of July weekend, flying into Edmonton and out Calgary. Have a great time in the Vancouver man.

  2. I am Canadian and Calgary is not deserving of the top spot. Toronto is definitely the top city in Canada.

  3. I have driven it a few times and yes its really nice. Much like the Vancouver to Whistler road its gorgeous.

    I wouldn’t spend too much time in Edmonton unless you like a big mall and industrial towns. However, catching an Oilers game at the old Colisseum is pretty cool. You can get a pic with the Gretzky statue outside which is much better than the one on LA!

  4. How would you rate it up against the Anchorage to Seward drive?

    I wasn’t planning on spending too much time in Edmonton, just made sense to fly in there to rent a car then hit the loop down to Calgary via Jasper and Banff, as opposed to just flying in and out of Calgary and doing a lot of backtracking. Made more sense.

  5. Vancouver is easily the best city in Canada. Have fun this weekend and you will change your mind!

  6. For the record I changed my mind after this past weekend and Vancouver is definitely number 1 in Canada!

  7. Have you been to Quebec City? If so, is it pretty similar to Montreal but just smaller or does it have a different vibe?

  8. CANADA Eh!!
    Beatifull country, i agree with Ryan that you should spent time to go Jasper and Banff. Awesome dude!!

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