Top 5-Beer

1. Guinness (Ireland)
2. Quilmes (Argentina)
3. Solera (Venezuela)
4. San Miguel (Philippines)
5. Kingfisher (India)
Honorable Mention: Caffrey’s (Ireland), Cuzquena (Peru), Imperial (Costa Rica), Gallo (Guatemala), Fiji Bitter (Fiji), Tiger (Singapore)

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  1. NattyBoRulz says

    What about Baltimores best Natty Bo

  2. how about kilimanjaro beer or tusker???

  3. I have to say I do like Natty Bo but it’s kind of a sentimental beer from college as opposed to a great beer of the world. Kili is a good one that I forgot, it should have gotten honorable mention.

  4. I’d like to nominate three American beers to the list…Texas’ Shiner Bock, Denver’s Fat Tire and Atlanta’s Sweetwater 420….all a must have.

  5. I’m shocked you didn’t nominate Schlitz or PBR

  6. No red stripe? the commercials have to put it in the top 5

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