Top 5-Books to Read While Traveling

1. The Alchemist-Paolo Coelho
2. On the Road-Jack Kerouac
3. The Da Vinci Code-Dan Brown
4. The Last Templar-Raymond Khoury
5. The Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseini
Honorable Mention: The Sun Also Rises-Ernest Hemingway

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  1. Haven’t read all of them but I liked Angels and Demons better than the Da Vinci Code

  2. I really liked the Alchemist, but is a fast read, so don’t do what I did and bring it on a long flight without a back up book. Also, I just finished the new Khaled Hossenini, A Thousand Splendid Suns, not as good as his first book, but still worth a read.

  3. My sister said that it was good as well, I am gonna read it soon

  4. what defines a good book to read while traveling?

  5. A book that relates to travel or a foreign place in some way that is easy and/or inspiring to read while you are away. Common Baumer, get with the program.

  6. How about anything to occupy long plane and train rides is fine with me, the less thinking involved the better.

  7. Lee, can’t believe the Godfather didnt at least make honorable mention

  8. The thought of your slow 2nd grade reading level prevented me from adding that book to the list!

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