Top 5-Bungy Jumps

1. Nevis Bungy (Queenstown, New Zealand)
2. Victoria Falls Bridge Bungy (Zambia-Zimbabwe Border)
3. Face Adrenaline Bloukrans Bridge Bungy (South Africa)
4. Tropical Bungy (Costa Rica)
5. Taupo Bungy (Lake Taupo, New Zealand)
Honorable Mention: Last Resort Bungy (Nepal-I’ve not yet been there), Goldeneye Bungy (Switzerland-It was closed when I was there to do it)

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  1. I did the Kawarau Bridge jump in Queenstown and the one in Cairns, Australia-so they would be on my list and the only ones on my list.

  2. I’ve only done the one in Vegas but it was awesome!

  3. Though I wasnt there with you for Vic Falls, I cant imagine it being better than 700+ ft Bloukrans Bridge, but I do agree the Nevis is the best and definitely scariest

  4. It wasn’t the height, it was the unreal scenery of Victoria Falls behind you-Bloukrans was higher and a crazier jump but esthetically you can’t beat the Vic Falls jump. The Nevis is just in another warp zone from all the others though-easily the most terrifying jump around.

  5. You gotta try heli-bungee dude, it’s amazing and crushes regular jumps

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