Top 5-Countries

As you may remember I posted a favorites list the other day with a bunch of top 5 lists. I got a lot of emails from people who enjoyed those lists so I have decided to try to do a top 5 list each day or at least almost every day. I will be reposting a few of the lists I posted the other day but with these forthcoming lists, I may add some honorable mentions, etc. Narrowing these lists down to 5 is difficult and when I go new places I may have to update old lists. These lists are of course based on my own travels and experiences only. Please feel free to suggest other places or things in comments. So I will start today with my list of top 5 countries that I have been to:
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Brazil
4. Thailand
5. Tanzania
Honorable mentions: South Africa, Egypt, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain

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  1. How about a top 5 list for “bird” watching???

  2. Thats next week after top 5 dikdik sighting spots

  3. you love those dikdiks

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