Top 5-Food

1. Italy
2. Brazil
3. Argentina
4. France
5. Mexico
Honorable Mention: Thailand, Spain, Israel, Turkey

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  1. I was just in Japan and the food there was great so I might add that to your list

  2. I was in japan in 1999 and at that point in my life I had never even tried sushi(which I could now eat every day) so I didn’t really experience the really good authentic Japanese food even though I know I would like it now. After I go back it will join the list I am sure.

  3. ahhh too much good food to make a top 5 list from, like egyptian, vietnamese, malaysian, indonesian… how about anything non-american?… you should do a list of top foods from each country (ex: koshary from egypt or pizza from italy)

  4. Argentina rocks brazil for food, has the combo of the great steaks and italian food. Definitely need some asian in there.

    don’t forget about the high quality biltong in RSA.
    worst food: peru and n. ireland

  5. How could I forget about Biltong, RSA’s finest contribution to food tourism

  6. nothing like dried kudu and springbok… love it!

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