Top 5-International Foods

1. Anything Italian (Italy)
2. Anything Japanese (Japan)
3. Parilla (Argentina)
4. Acai (Brazil)
5. Salta (Yemen)
*There are so many good foods it’s hard to list them, what are your favorites?

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  1. Paella en Espana

  2. Tzatziki in Greece-I think thats how you spell it

  3. How about anything French!

  4. -koshary in egypt
    -mee goreng in malaysia
    -pad thai from bangkok street carts
    -falafel in any middle east country (as well as the stand on koh san road in bangkok)
    -burritos in san francisco
    -gyros in greece/cyprus

    …nothing in NZ (except maybe a burger from the Hard Rock with proper ketcup)

  5. Vietnamese summer rolls

  6. Agreed on most but obviously the proper etiquette to Bangkok street cart pad thai is to load up on hot chili peppers so you can barely feel your mouth while eating-before you get sick of course!

    Those burritos in SF are off the charts but not as good as those tacos in Rosarito, Mexico.

    Falafel is good but for me, Shawarma in any middle eastern country is awesome-especially in Syria.

    Anything in Greece rocks too, especially that sick huge meal we had in Rhodes.

  7. you should have used that pic of the mixed grill from rhoades for this top-5… nothing like 5lbs of random meat on a wood plate with tzatziki on top

  8. ..and I definitely agree with Lauren, anything French (at least french bistro)

  9. How about Hawaiian food, still the US I know but not really. Love the fish and tropical dishes that they prepare out there, esp on Maui.

  10. agree with most of the above, although shocked pizza express didn’t make lee’s list and don’t forget biltong as the top international snack.

    how about top worst foods-
    -anything British or Irish(except of course pizza express)- to any brits out there you can’t count a curry as your own
    -fried smelly fish on a stick at octoberfest
    -fried lard at eastern european xmas markets
    -Anything served in Cancun (this is more related to the results of the food)

  11. ahh Biltong, worth going back to south africa just for a paper bag of Kudu biltong on a 12 bus ride… good call mikey

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