Top 5-Places I Want To Go ASAP

1. Cartagena, Colombia
2. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
3. Timbuktu, Mali
4. Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia
5. Palau, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia

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  1. Ya me too, of course I’m broke so that doesn’t help

  2. I’ve been to 1 and 2, and am visiting 4 and 5 in December. Other than the appeal of its name, I think you can find more interesting spots in Mali than Timbuktu (but I have no plans in the foreseeable future to visit Mali, so I’ll await your report).

  3. It is the name with Timbuktu, obviously. Djenne, Dogon and a few other places are supposed to be great as well…also the touts are supposed to be brutal in Mali but it is Africa

  4. I just want to go home from work!

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