Top 5-Records in American Sports

1. 755 Home Runs (Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds, MLB Baseball)
2. 207 Touchdowns (Jerry Rice, NFL American Football)
3. 894 Goals (Wayne Gretzky, NHL Ice Hockey)
4. 38,387 Points (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA Basketball)
5. 18 Majors (Jack Nicklaus, PGA Golf)

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  1. Should be Gretzky’s point record not just goals. He had so many assists that it makes the record virtually unbreakable and that was the best part of his game and why he led us to 4 Stanley Cups.

  2. I can’t believe Barry Bonds gets the #1 spot…sad.

  3. come on Lee, that list blows!!!

  4. Ur such a geek-Just because there’s no skateboarding on it-OK lets include Tony Hawks 720 or that dude who crashed at the X games last week and almost killed himself when his shoes popped off after falling 50 feet

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