Top 5-US Baseball Stadiums

1. Yankee Stadium (New York)
2. Wrigley Field (Chicago)
3. AT&T Park (San Francisco)
4. Fenway Park (Boston)
5. Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore)

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  1. Shea Stadium is the worst in baseball

  2. jetersafag says

    Yankees suck!

  3. I see you are an intelligent Mets or Red Sox fan

  4. I’ve been to Dodger’s Stadium, that was nice…and you gotta love jetersafag…oh my

  5. Priscilla says

    I live in St. Louis, the new Busch Stadium is beautiful

  6. baseball sucks! it’s for all the losers who are afraid to get hurt in CONTACT sports

  7. Jake, you’re a grown man and you skateboard with 9 year old boys-enough said.

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